Everyone below has completed our 180 days to your office on the beach program, you can find out more information here.


Vanessa Morrow, United Kingdom

Picture taken before the program

Picture taken after the program

“I met Hannah & Chris at a work events and instantly I became fascinated with their story – of living, playing and working all while travelling and seeing the world. I never thought this was a possibility for me, but they told me they could show me how to do it too. I signed up to their 180 days to your Office on the Beach program and they took me through step-by-step how easy it is to become completely virtual and take your work anywhere around the world. They were available for questions and advice, it was great getting support from a couple who are already doing this very successfully.

Now I have worked from my laptop on my balcony in Portugal, in a Bedouin tent in Turkey, from a beach cafe in Tenerife and now I’m planning my next trip for a couple months in California. The sense of freedom of picking and choosing my wherever I want to work is invaluable. I also have more time to spend with my family and friends, as I’m not stuck on rush hour traffic getting to work any more!

For anyone out there who is excited at the thought of working for yourself, but having the freedom to do it wherever and whenever you please then I would definitely recommend this program. I’m really glad I invested in it, my life would be very different if I hadn’t!

Hannah and Chris will show you how they do it, how much money realistically it takes to travel and also what you’ll need to bring with you. They will also help you get into the mindset to realise that you CAN do it!!”


Karen Revell, United Kingdom

video recorded before the program


Video recorded after the program


Neil & Jo Fellows, United Kingdom

“Our life has been transformed from being home office bound to experiencing the world with our family whilst still making great money and serving our VIP clients”


Kate Cave, United Kingdom

“I have really enjoyed my time working with Hannah and Chris. I think that the husband and wife team approach is a brilliant as they bounce of each other so well. It also means that when you’re planning your trip you can get a perspective from both the male and female side of working when travelling.

Chris’s techy knowledge is excellent and he answered questions that I hadn’t even thought of, I now know everything to pack for all eventualities and that was important to me.

Hannah’s background in psychology is a great asset as you feel that it’s not just the practical aspects that are being catered for, but what may come up emotionally too.

I’m planning to send them my first postcard from somewhere coastal in Europe. My ultimate aim is to spend a couple of months in Thailand, and I know where to come for insider tips on that one!”

Picture taken before the program


Video recorded after the program


Julia Barnickle, United Kingdom

Picture taken before the program

Picture taken after the program

Meet the lovely Julia. Julia has been a determined advocate of a location independent lifestyle but struggled to see how she could make it work in practice. Relentlessly creative and brilliant at languages Julia has plenty of previous travel under her belt. She was also happy she could handle the techie stuff. What Julia needed help with was getting her business ‘travel ready’ and priorities focused before she could be confident about spending time away from her desk.
“Hannah and Chris show you that the idea of running a location independent business isn’t just a pipe-dream – you can make it happen, and they give you the tools and the guidance to help you on your own journey.”


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