This 180 days program contains information that will change your life

This is a list of many of the resources available in the 180 days to your office on the beach program (there isn’t space for all of them plus more are added on a regular basis!)

Module 1


  • What’s your best location?

    This in depth questionnaire helps you figure out the best place for your all important next trip

  • Our top destinations- Need some ideas?

    Check out these suggestions on where you could take your next working vacation

  • ‘Where I’m going’ Intentions

    Establish your goals by using this thought-provoking questionnaire

  • Source the best flights and top accommodation

    Learn the best tips for getting hotel and rentals with no fuss. Includes a great video revealing Chris’ secret strategy for tracking down the very best flight deals

  • Rental and negotiations cheat sheet

    Find out how to save stacks of cash organising short and long term rentals.

  • Coming Soon- Air miles exposed!

    The ultimate low-down on how you can fly for free.

  • The definitive guide to your first home exchange

    We hold your hand as you learn how to cut costs with an inside look at this exciting new trend. *Don’t miss the 50% discount code for your first year as a home exchanger!*

  • Rental and home exchange do’s and dont’s

    We made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

  • Keeping your costs down checklist

    An essential check-list for saving you money on every trip

  • ‘Is my idea any good? Will it make me money?’

    These short videos may hold the answers

  • Coming soon- Creating your own unique business idea

    Do you know how to turn the talents at your fingertips into profits? If you aren’t sure how to make money while you travel, check out this life changing resource

  • How to target your audience and find your market

    This resource leaves no stone unturned in figuring out WHO your audience really is.

  • 25 steps to build a relationship with your ‘fans’ (and why you NEED to help them become customers)

    Building a list of folks interested in what you do is great, but you can help them better if you can encourage them to invest with you. Here’s how.

  • Essential guide for keeping clients while you travel

    The nuts and bolts of moving a static business out into the wide world, making sure your lifestyle doesn’t impact your clients

  • The $30,000 marketing bible

    An A-Z covering all the most useful nuggets we have learned about on and off-line marketing. Be prepared to take notes!

  • How to exploit small niches hidden in your existing website

    A fascinating video exploring the goldmine of micro-niches. You’ll see your website in a whole new light!

  • Our top 3 biggest failures

    Everyone shares the good stuff but what about the projects that flopped, plans that failed and bright ideas that were dead in the water? Here we share our biggest disasters- and some of the silver linings we found along the way

Module 2



Module 3


  • Creating your ‘what I want’ statement

    Sometimes the simplest questions can be the most profound. What DO YOU want?

  • Are you a better friend to others than to yourself?

    This insightful task will reveal if you are a friend or actually your own worst enemy

  • Inspiration sheet

    Take a peek into a crystal ball and find out what you will have achieved in 5 years time!

  • Getting the most out of your location independent lifestyle

    This resource explores the balance between stress, perfectionism, productivity and fun, helping you tweak your mindset and reset some of your expectations.

  • Do you have the mindset to achieve your dream?

    This audio delves deep into the possible roadblocks standing in your way

  • Coming Soon! Your thoughts are your reality

    Get the psychological low-down on what your thoughts are creating for you

  • Are we on the same page?

    Are you and your partner’s goals aligned? Check the status of your dreams and aspirations to find out

  • The BIG Working Together Handbook

    Revolutionise how you live and work with this big resource! It covers everything you want to know about working with a partner, including how to get them on board, how to mix different skill sets and how to keep your work and personal life separate.

  • So your partner is nuts enough to want to work from somewhere else?

    Need help explaining to a loved one why you crave this lifestyle? This should do the trick!

  • Coming Soon! Expert Q&A

    How do you manage living, working and travelling with your partner? An exposé of 3 location independent relationships!

  • Coming Soon! Finding your superstar VA

    We share the formula for making sure you hit gold first time, sourcing a fantastic VA to help your business go supernova!

  • Inside perspective:

    Working as a VA for a location independent business

  • 7 strategies for staying connected and finding support

    Combat any isolation by building a fantastic community to support you on the road

  • Travelling with kids case studies

    Get ready to be impressed with these families exploring the globe together

Module 4



Module 5


  • Access the internet from anywhere in the world

    Learn how to get round internet glitches EVERY TIME and make sure you need never be ‘disconnected’!

  • How to stay in phone contact overseas

    The best value and most reliable tools we have found for staying in touch

  • Being entertained abroad

    Access those ‘must-see’ shows wherever you are

  • Top 16 smart phone apps

    The apps we’ve found to make life an awful lot easier

  • Technology checklist webinar

    The essential techie lifesaving kit to fit neatly into your laptop bag

  • Back up, back up, back up

    Making sure your stuff is safe and those essential files are protected

  • Coming Soon! Create your own WordPress site

    How you can setup your own professional website/ blog in under 3 hours

  • Final checklist

    Final wisdom on what to take and what to do prior to departure

  • Will you go?

    A short questionnaire to see what your intentions really are and if there is anything holding you back

  • Our location independent history

    A peek behind the scenes into our case studies to renew your inspiration for the trip you will soon be taking


Module 6



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