Number 7 – Designing your Life your way


Still have questions?

That’s ok; this is just a quick look at a whole new lifestyle beckoning to you if you want to pursue it. We cover everything here in much more detail (plus TONS more) in our 180 days to your office on the beach program

As informative and helpful as all the information in this program will be to you, there is just one part of it that is going to make the biggest difference to whether you do this, or just keep dream about it.

Support and Accountability

Being part of a group is powerful stuff. Sharing ups and downs, cheering each other’s successes, learning from people who have done it and being guided around mistakes before you can make them will save you a lot of frustration and let you soar in a way you wouldn’t have dreamed was possible.

A key thing to remember is that this is your life to design exactly as you want. One person in the group may want to spend two months a year in France working on business development; another may dream of travelling round in a campervan for 3 months a year while they complete IT based projects via satellite internet; someone else still might be itching to take off to Thailand and experience proper beach life to help them write for 6 months every couple of years.

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The thing is it doesn’t matter what your ‘pattern’ looks like; it’s yours to choose and yours to change as you go along.
Where would you go on your trip
The most important thing is to get started, so you can start to live the life you were meant for. Our program will support you to take your first trip as a ‘location independent’ entrepreneur. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

Our promise

Making that first trip can be hard- so many frustrated office workers talk about doing it but never quite get there by themselves. But we know from helping so many adventurers just like you (and from taking that very first step ourselves) that whatever your reservations, you have to overcome them. All you have to focus on is getting that FIRST trip under your belt.
Once you have, you will NEVER look back!
As we go through the program together, it’s hugely inspiring to see where new found ‘location independent’ friends end up. And who knows, we may just end up hooking up together to share our adventures on a beach somewhere!

Follow this link to join like minded professionals in learning how to create the freedom to travel and work to your own plan.

Our small group is waiting to have you on board – join us now to get your new journey started!




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