Number 6 – Reaching your Potential


Did you know that we all have a certain capacity for joy?

It’s more of a range than a specific quota. But some of us are more genetically predisposed towards spontaneous happiness and enjoyment than others*

(*Check out ‘Authentic happiness’ by Martin Seligman for some strategies on how to develop our capacity so we fall at the top of our happiness ‘range’)

I like to think that we were born with a ‘range’ of potential. Circumstances and environment can determine how well we get to express this potential when we are younger and more reliant on others for our experiences. But as we get older, the power falls back into our hands.

It’s up to us whether or not we catch it.

When it comes to potential, how we manifest this varies. Some people see it as our capacity to make money; have a successful career; raise a family; help others; change the world.

However we want to express our potential and share our gifts, our environment has a huge impact on how successful we will be.

On the path to becoming the very best we can be/ we may need to be:


Which environment is going to bring out the best in you?

reaching your potential 

Make it conscious. Don’t leave it to chance.



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