Number 2 – Making it Affordable


When you go on vacation you save up all year and spend a small fortune, right?


If going away more regularly is part of your normal lifestyle, you don’t holiday like that anymore.

Everyone’s circumstances and preferences are a little different, so this can have a big impact on how you will save travel costs. For instance, we might be comfortable doing home exchanges, you might be ok with staying in hostels. You adapt according to your budget and what you are looking for from your trip.

You can even find luxury on a budget if you know where to look.

Luxury hotel pool in Phuket, Thailand

low cost luxury in Thailand

There are tons of ways of saving money while you travel. For a start, flights will set you back the same amount whether you go for six days or six months. Plus when you work more flexibly you aren’t tied to the same vacation slots as everyone else – you can book last minute and get great deals.

Here are some ways of stretching your budget to last for more of the year than the normal two weeks;

  • Visit countries where the cost of living is lower than you are used to; for instance in south east Asia we could eat out for as little as two dollars per person for amazing fresh food, or do a week’s worth of fish and veggie shopping at a local market for less than $15.
  • Stay in hostels or home stays. You can get private rooms in hostels and the quality varies massively e.g. you could find a perfect gem for a fraction of the cost of a hotel, especially if you plan to stay
    a while.

    Travel with a mateTravel with a mate


  • Negotiate a longer term rental to maximise value for money. Villa and apartment owners prefer to have tenants for a month or longer rather than have their property sitting empty, even if it means a big cut in their rents- so be cheeky, especially if it’s out of season! This is the place we stayed in for 6 weeks when we visited Thailand.
  • Luxury hotel pool in Phuket, Thailand

    Our AMAZING villa in Thailand


  • Use a credit card, which gives you air miles on everything you purchase (including biggies like your tax bill!)
  • Airline airmile schemesHow many airmiles to LA


  • Take advantage of promotional offers taking you to unexpected places.
  • Book one round the world flight which gives you several stops en route rather than spending more on individual flights.
  • Use home exchanges to plan your trip and take you off the beaten track (this works if you rent your home as well as if you are a home owner). Home exchanges are a fantastic way of getting a new view without having to pay for it! There are plenty of online home exchange sites, all you do if find a home you like the look of and make an offer, or simply wait to see what invites come your way. You need only go further with the ones you LOVE the look of if you are at all hesitant about giving this concept a try. It’s safe, it’s free and it’s a great way to meet some lovely people.
  • Rent out your property for 6 months or a year and see what your mortgage money or rent will get you overseas!
  • Make bookings yourself using latest on-line tools instead of using a travel operator.

    Skyscanner finds the cheapest flights


  • Don’t turn down any work which comes your way! When you work for yourself your income isn’t static – there may be tasks you are less inclined to do but you can always outsource them and take a percentage.
  • Evaluate gaps in a hotel’s website or service and offer a solution in exchange for accommodation or discounts.

These are just a few ways! When you have plenty of time, the options to save money are as limitless as your imagination.
Here are some luxurious places we have visited for less than $50 a night. As treats go, not bad!

Our top luxury spots



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