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The Travel/ Work Manifesto


The 7 Key Principles for Creating an Internet Lifestyle

Most people like the idea of having more flexibility in the way they work and more freedom to travel

Most people also think that this sort of lifestyle is ok for other people, but way out of their own reach

This manifesto will prove to you that this lifestyle IS accessible for anyone who has the drive, the imagination and the courage to make it happen
We all have to put energy into making ourselves do things we don’t like doing very much. But what if you could set your life up in a way that there was a lot less of the things you don’t want to do, and a lot more of the things you do? How could things look for you if you could channel some of that energy into building your ‘best‘ life? Instead of tolerating things you know just aren’t quite right?

It can seem really hard to know where to begin; it can stop you from putting your best foot forward and creating that crucial beginning.

We’ve designed this guide based on the most common questions you have told us you don’t have answers for. We want to put your mind at rest that becoming more ‘location independent’ isn’t that difficult once you have made up your mind. So here are all the tools we think you need to make a great start on actually living the lifestyle that appeals so much.

We hope you will gain loads from reading our Manifesto and it will show you it really is that easy to change the way you work. If you have any questions at all, or just want to say hi, send us an email.


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