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Superstar VAs!

Working like we do with plenty of relocating and overseas travel we need a great team to support us. Even if it’s just for an hour or two every so often, their support is invaluable, and frees us up to concentrate on the things we do best.


Enter our superstar VAs!

It’s not always easy to find the support you need so we thought we would share our best VA and tech support resources with you in case you need some of the help they can provide. (Shh, we may regret this, but for the quality they deliver, their rates are incredibly reasonable)

If you are lucky, some of our fab team might have a few spare hours to help you out- they don’t work for us exclusively. Just email us [email protected] and we can get you connected.

(There’s no charge from us for this intro by the way, and how you proceed will then be down to you and your new VA!)



Image of SarahSarah takes care of our customer service and e-commerce support. This includes dealing with payments and enquiries and anything to do with shopping carts! Sarah is great at following up with customers by email and on the phone and at having sales conversations.

She can handle all PA type duties from making bookings to managing diaries and is versatile and proactive enough to deal efficiently with most tasks which land on her desk, including data base management and all types of research. She also goes out of her way to lighten your workload- a real ‘anything I can to do help’ attitude which is sooo refreshing!

Sarah has an ever changing workload but she does have capacity for more work, please contact us for more details.



Image of KateA graphic designer by trade Kate uses her eye for detail and for making things look pretty to full advantage! Great at making scrappily created documents look slick and professional, she applies the same attention to detail with the email broadcasts she sends out via 1shopping cart and aweber.

And of course she has a lot to offer when it comes to design- she’s the lady who created our Love, play, work branding with only very vague direction from us (well, i quite like blue…). She also sorts out things from banners to business cards, and DVDs to distribution.

Kate is unable to take on any more clients at present but please do get in touch as these circumstances may change in the future.



Image of BrigBrigitte has over 20 year’s office experience and so has an eclectic mix of both admin and office skills. She works super hard for you whatever your priority. She is a meticulous book keeper; any over-payments, unnecessary debits or money ‘holes’, she’ll find them. She’ll handle price negotiations too if you want to ensure best value for conference bookings to advertising space.

Brigitte is also a great trouble shooter – if you have a bank charge made in error, a mistaken gas bill or if you are cross at your credit card company then she is THE lady to have on your side. She also has the memory of an elephant and will never forget the important stuff, even when you do!

Brigitte is currently looking to increase her workload so has some hours which if your quick you can snap up!




Image of PaulPaul is new to the team and has had to hit the ground running with our constant IT demands! Whether its speeding up our website, creating new web pages, battling with our WordPress blog or making improvements we hadn’t even though of, he produces quality results with no fuss. Lucky for us he is very quick on the uptake and, unlike a lot of techies, he speaks excellent ‘human’ which makes talking to him- and understanding him – very easy!

This is only the beginning – we have a feeling Paul has a lot more to offer when it comes to giving us definite IT advantages

Paul has two small children and some demanding existing clients (he promises he doesn’t mean us) but he has room for one more so by all means get in touch if there is anything you want to discuss.



Image of Jess

Usability is becoming more and more of an issue- and we all know what a pain it is to land on a poorly designed site! Jess uses psychology-based design principles, user research and plain language to make everything as clear, simple and user-friendly as possible. Her work includes designing and evaluating websites, mobile apps, e-learning and all sorts of offline information and will be working with us a lot in the future to make sure our sites don’t make people want to throw things at the screen.

Jess is quite busy at the moment but does have a little capacity for new projects, so get in touch to see if she can help


We also use other services which we are happy to recommend


Jo and Neil Fellowes over at www.7figurebackoffice.com for fantastic business and sales advice and project management

Paula our PR coach for guidance on all things press and publicity related

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