The Vision


Why this idea;

We have had an idea for an experiment; it came out of nowhere but over a few weeks of imagining and speculating has really taken hold. Everyone loves a unique challenge, right?!

Here it is: we are going to spend a year travelling round the world staying in nothing but home exchange properties. We will be running our businesses from the comfort of other people’s living rooms; waking up to their views; exploring their local areas; eating in their favourite restaurants; driving their car, relaxing in their garden, hanging out with their friends (maybe that’s a step too far, but if anyone wants to invite us over for a BBQ we’ll be happy to accept!!). We’ll get to live in neighbourhoods we never have otherwise had a chance to experience. We’ll have access to all those hidden gems that only locals know about. We’ll have all the comforts of home, but somewhere completely new every few weeks.

It’s going to be awesome!

We get a ton of questions about home exchanging. I think the topic fascinates a lot of people because on one hand its seems surprising and risky; but on the other it’s clearly a fantastic opportunity and makes perfect financial sense.

Given how curious people are about the mechanics of staying in someone else’s home, and the challenges of having strangers say in yours, we thought that maybe it was time to really put the practice to the test. It’s all very well for us to say how easy it is, but what if we pushed the idea to the limits? What if we really prove how achievable it is for you and your family to enjoy an amazing holiday for a fraction of the normal price by doing it ourselves on a hugely ambitious scale?

Our Home Exchanges

With more families struggling financially we think the timing is perfect to embark on this experiment. If we can head off for a year without knowing where we are going or whose bed we will be sleeping in, maybe it will give others the confidence to give it a try for themselves. After all how much can happen in a year?!! (Make sure you are signed up to our updates here to find out!)

Well, only time will tell, but we will be documenting all the ups and downs of this adventure, showing videos of the homes we stay in, sharing the parts that work like a charm and what is driving us to distraction!

And after all that we hope that next to a year of home exchanges, the prospect of a two week exchange will seem like a piece of cake!


Our home exchange experiences;

We’ve only actually been doing this for 3 years, but in that time the frequency of trips has increased. Why? We figured out that, much of the time, we the homes we can exchange with are much nicer than our own! Maybe it’s just the change of scene that makes this seem true (our home exchange families haven’t had any complaints about ours either…although they do seem to be a very polite and diplomatic bunch!). But being somewhere different without most of the associated costs is just a dream come true. How often would you seek out pastures new if you weren’t having to pay for them?

So this is our plan;

  • Travel round the world for a year, experiencing all the benefits of staying in someone else’s country, culture, community and home;
  • Meet as many of our home exchangers as possible;
  • Document our experiences online through social media- actively blogging about what we are doing, sharing behind the scenes details and documenting the process so that anyone can take advantage of home exchanges;
  • Show as many people as possible the benefits of home exchanges- and highlight how easy they are to do;
  • Attend as many travel blogger meet ups/ conferences/ conventions to speak to similar people who can pass on the knowledge of home exchanges;
  • Document our costs, places visited, activities in the places we stay;
  • Document the process, from start to finish of arranging all our home exchange.


How do we earn a living?

We are lucky enough to be able to earn a living in a way that supports our love of travel. It’s pretty straight forward with online business, but even with our consultancy business we have set things up to give us maximum freedom. So this means we can work remotely, previously for two to three months at a time. A whole year will present some new challenges but as long as we have internet, a great team and a lot of flexibility we are pretty sure we can manage. We’ll soon see!

Our proposed route (version 2.0!)


Should we go somewhere else? What are your top spots? We want to know!


Can you help us with this experiment?

We would love to share this adventure with as many partners as possible! We are more than happy to talk with you if you are interested in the idea or think you might be able to contribute to this exciting challenge. Whether you are a blogger, run a website, plan activities, represent a company, or can see a way you could benefit from what we are doing then just give us a shout. We’ll also be looking for people to meet up with on the way (we don’t want to get lonely) or events we can attend. we don’t even mind speaking to groups if you think you know of an audience who would be interested in the idea! This experiment is evolving every day and we would love to get your ideas and input to help us make this a big success.

Interested? Do send us an email and we can arrange a chat.


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