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‘RTW in a year of Home Exchange’ Experiment
Round the world in home exchanges
Hannah and Chris find out how many home exchanges they can plan and pull off over the next 12 months. Starting in summer 2012 they will continue to grow their four consulting, online and coaching businesses as they tour the globe.

Hannah and Chris aren’t currently in a position to sell the home they love but after 5 years have definitely outgrown it! Instead, they have decided to gain the extra space they need by exchanging their south coast home with as many house ‘swappers’ as they can- ‘upgrading’ their living arrangements and travelling the world as they go.
We are currently in negotiations with various sponsors for this upcoming experiment, if you are interested in joining us please drop us an email or you can read more information on our home exchange experiment page.


Example Sponsored Reviews

Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand – Travellers always forget this, do you?
El Nido Miniloc Resort, Palawan, Philippines – Luxury Hotel, Philippines,
Amori Villa, Ubud, Bali – Boutique Villa, Ubud,


Speaking Events

Dan Bradbury’s Superconference – March 23-25, 2012Dan Bradbury's Superconference 2012
Online International Virtual Assistants Conference – May 17-19, 2012OIVAC Conference


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Love play work was launched from the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2010 while Hannah and Chris were enjoying a UK winter of overseas home exchanging. They write blogs and create resources about running a business whilst travelling, home exchanging, different locations, and working together as a couple.

Hannah and Chris also lead a small coaching group helping business owners establish their own ‘location independence’. These private ‘mastermind’ groups achieve amazing things- from building the skills and confidence to reaching out to a whole new lifestyle.

Love, Play, Work was made possible by the foundation businesses that Hannah and Chris have set up. With their consultancy businesses and two main on-line stores they have created an income which can be generated from anywhere in the world- which is how they are able to teach people how to achieve similar results!


HannahHannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and a Company Director. She began working freelance in 2005 and set up VCA Ltd in 2007. VCA specialises in providing assessment and selection services.
ChrisChris has a degree in Computer Systems and Networks. He joined quit his full time job in 2008 and launched his first on-line business in that year. In 2012 the ‘Pass Your’ brand was launched, focusing on helping people ready to progress their career to improve their management and personal skills in advance of important selection processes.
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The Sun on Sunday Newspaper and Online on 07/10/2012The Sun on Sunday Paper - Fabulous Magazine
Online International Virtual Assistants Conference – May 17-19, 2012OIVAC Conference
Daily Express Newspaper and Online on 22/4/2012The Daily Express Paper
The Paperless Entrepreneur Magazine’ July & April 2012 Editions
Evening Post Paper and Online on 2/9/2011The Evening Post


Upcoming Events Meetups for members, more details coming soon!
Check out where we will location this year on our World Map.
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