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Find out how to explore the world, meet interesting people, earn good money and have daily adventures instead of being tied to one place, one job, one path.


We were in Australia over Christmas when someone asked us,

“Can I take off for a year, travel the world and increase my income?”

I think they were surprised that we replied “maybe not”. We weren’t saying that to be mean; although lots of people like the idea of being location independent, the reality won’t always be a good fit. These are some of the reasons…

  • Do you really want to pack a suit case and set off to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world? It’s not for everyone. Some people would rather skip lush rainforest hikes or joining a vibrant village festival because they prefer to sleep in their own bed at night.
  • Do you really want to leave behind your day-to-day routine? So many people just can’t face leaving the familiar, even if it’s does mean repetitive nights in front of the TV and early mornings sat in traffic. They prefer to wake up and do the same thing over and over rather than take a balmy sunset beach walk or a breakfast picnic by the surf. Whatever your choices, they have to work for you.
  • Could you handle no two weeks looking the same? Most people are able to predict pretty accurately what a Monday a week or a year from now will look like. Alternatively, your Mondays could be spent kayaking a mountain gorge, visiting a gallery or working on your laptop. That sort of flexibility isn’t for everyone.
  • Are you prepared to earn more money in a month than you do in six at home, for less hours and a better lifestyle? A lot of people don’t like the uncertainty of self employment. They would rather have the security of knowing exactly what money will be paid to them each month, than knowing their income is entirely in their own hands.
  • Could you leave your friends and extended family behind to meet like-minded travellers and intrepid entrepreneurs all over the globe? There can be something comforting about having the same conversations with the same people week in week out. It doesn’t suit everyone to make new friends in unexpected places or to share memorable moments with people you’ve not known for long but have loads in common with
  • Are you really ready to change? Every new experience shapes us, and the more we push ourselves, the more we learn and grow. This isn’t comfortable for everyone. Some people are happy exactly where they are, doing exactly what they are already doing, which is the perfect place for them to be.

So, could working for yourself and having the flexibility to go where you please be right for you?


Not many people ask us why we choose to live like this because the benefits are pretty obvious!

In the last 12 months we have lived in 4 countries and enjoyed whistle-stop visits to a further 3. On top of increasing our monthly passive income, growing our client list across all of our businesses and starting work on a new website we have wintered with a private pool in the southern hemisphere, summered in a river house in the mountains, spent autumn hopping around the South Pacific and honed our snow sports skills in the US and the Alps during the spring.

The new experiences we’ve had just this year include wake-boarding, French cookery, driving a 6 berth motor-home, riding a segway along the beach, falling off a paddle-board, outrigger canoeing, pet-sitting, swimming with stingrays…to name but a few!

We wouldn’t get the chance to do half these things if we stayed in one place, and we feel incredibly privileged to be able to live this lifestyle. But we also know it isn’t down to luck. We designed our life to look like this, and so can you. Unexpected things might come along (!) but we know that each year we are going to make the very most of the opportunities the world has to offer. Can you say the same?

The thing that really excites us now is that this is at your finger-tips too. What has your last year looked like? What do you want from your future? The only difference between you and us is that we are a little further ahead on a similar road- one that leads to freedom, flexibility and fun! We didn’t start out with any business qualifications or savings. We didn’t even think we would be able to keep travelling for more than a few months before having to settle back down to a ‘sensible’ path. Five years on we understand that the only limitations are the ones which we impose ourselves, and the same is true for you. So, this year, are you going to be bound by limitations or freed by the possibilities? It’s up to you. We would love to meet you somewhere sooner than you think!

Doing a Segway tour along the beach is one of the stranger things we have done!


Whether you already work for yourself or are trying to figure out how to quit your job you are in a fabulous position; you know what you want and it’s NEVER too late to get started.


We work with people from their 20s and to their 70s and they all have two things in common:

  • A huge desire to be free to live their life exactly as they please
  • The determination and commitment to make it happen

Your desire to achieve greater freedom and flexibility in your life won’t go away-
but unless you act soon the confidence that you can make it happen might.



You can learn how to create an income without being tied to one place

Is it really possible to create a job for yourself and then do it from anywhere in the world?

The answer has to be ‘yes’ not just because that’s exactly what our life is like, but because of how many other people are doing the same thing.

If they can and we can, SO CAN YOU.

We had our first taste of location independence five years ago. We set up our laptops in a stone cottage in rural France for 3 weeks. Now, we decide where to work from and what to do each day. We know what a difference it has made to our lives so we are really pleased to be able to support you in your journey too.

Lots of people are drawn to the idea of;
  • Earning a living by using more of their real talents
  • Escaping the cubicle to discover more a flexible and balanced life
  • Striding out into the world to experience more wonder and excitement

Some people are happy to accept only having these things in their life for one or two weeks of the year (sandwiched between a load of things they don’t like doing!) But if you aren’t prepared to settle, you don’t have to.

Maybe you are tired of accepting long hours, unsatisfying work or a lack of say over what you do. Maybe you aren’t someone who is satisfied with one day/week/month looking very much like the next. If this sounds familiar to you it might be time to think about what you will do about it. It won’t change by itself.

If you try to figure out how to do it by yourself there is a danger you will keep going in the wrong direction

Becoming location independent can be hard. We receive emails every day from people struggling to figure it out alone. It can seem like it will never happen.

When you aren’t doing the right things in the right order every wrong turn can take you even further from where you want to be.

Are you someone who gets help when you need it?

We all understand about getting help to fix the car, mend a fence or heal a wound. But what about the sort of help which will move your life forward? That can be harder to prioritise.


Would you like to learn how to achieve your first LI trip?

We have created a step by step program designed to give you all the tools, insights, and practical know-how so you can take your first location independent trip. This is the trip where you will have the capacity to make money from wherever you choose.

A big part of how long it will take to get set up depends on whether or not you already have an independent way of earning a living. Running your business overseas (or from anywhere different from where you are now!) is very achievable in 6 months if you already work for yourself. Even if you are starting from scratch you will be able to make substantial changes to your situation with our guidance in 6 months. Give it your all and you could even be fully location independent this time next year.

This is about taking your FIRST TRIP and having what you need to do it again and again right there at your fingertips.

Focusing on the first trip will seem a lot more manageable than ‘This Program Will Change Your Entire Life Forever’ (we’ve all seen those programs, haven’t we?!)

We reckon what you need is to take it one step at a time. Then you’ll have the foundation which you can repeat again and again to craft the lifestyle you wish. No hype, no fuss, just practical guidance and implementable know-how from people who have been there, done it and continue to make it work every day.

We’ve pinpointed what worked when we set up our 1st business and took our 1st location independent trip 5 years ago. Since then we’ve replicated this formula with THREE other successful businesses and travel spanning 30 countries.


You may be a seasoned traveller…..

But this trip will be the one that you earn a decent living from.

You may be established in business…..

But this trip will be the one where you learn that being away from the office spells lifestyle and not vacation.

You may be new to wanting to work for yourself and see more of the world….

This trip will spell the end of work you don’t want to do in a place you don’t want to be. It will be the beginning of a new way of life where your skills, interests and adventures are combined

This first trip is always the hardest but getting this experience under your belt will give you the confidence and experience to develop your lifestyle from there.

Drum roll please…

So, without further ado…..Introducing the ‘180 days to your Office on the Beach’ Online Program!

Our advice comes from running real businesses from a range of locations ourselves.

This is the solution we know you desperately need if you are going to be able to stop thinking about it and actually do it. We’ve carefully designed a program around all the steps that have worked for us again and again and know can work for you too.

We lay bare everything that’s worked for us
(and own up to some of the things that haven’t!)

180 days to your office on the beach‘ is a very personal program because we lay bare everything that has worked for us and put it together in a way so that you can apply it to you too.

We know a lot of people wonder how on earth we manage to travel as much as we go and still average $250k a year- when we put it like that we surprise ourselves! But the answer is pretty simple- we just repeat the steps that worked for us the first time round. We’ve built on this the more we’ve learnt (we’ve had a lot of practice!) but the core principles remain the same.

We teach you these principles. And as we update our knowledge, we share it with you.


Read on for further details, or join now if you’re ready.


We deal with all the major concerns that go hand in hand with this lifestyle


  • 1. How can I earn money on the road?

    First you need to figure out how you can earn a living that is compatible with your new lifestyle. It might not be as hard as you think. In the 180 days program we help you pinpoint exactly what you need to do to make money, including exploring your existing skills and how you can leverage them; finding out who needs your help and how to connect with them; and making sure you avoid the biggest obstacles to building a successful business.

    Want to know more? Click here for a full list of everything covered in the program.


  • 2. How will I afford all that travel?

    Travel is a big part of our lives, so it makes sense for us to attend various conferences and workshops each year to make sure we are 100% up to date with all the latest ‘travel hacks’. We regularly update the program with the latest deals, shortcuts and tricks plus the classic strategies we’ve been keeping up our sleeve to save you a ton of cash. We share the step by step processes which saves us hundreds of dollars every trip we take (an easy video shows you how) plus we cover how you too can become an expert in scoring high quality cheap and free accommodation whenever you please (we cover everything you need to know plus a few surprises).

    Want to know more? Click here for a full list of everything covered in the program.

  • 3. I already have a business so some of this isn’t a big concern for me

    It’s a little different for those of you who already have a business. Your biggest concern tends to be how to make sure you don’t throw your livelihood away whilst gallivanting round the world! We understand that too- we have a UK based consultancy as well as online businesses so we know not only how to get the balance right, but also how to make business improvements- despite being thousands of miles away from our clients. Cunning eh? Don’t worry, we explain how in a lot of detail, we don’t leave any stone unturned! We cover how to build and maintain relationships with your clients, the secrets of effective outsourcing and some of the psychological ‘dark arts’ to keeping clients happy even though you have changed the rules.

Thailand is one of our favourite countries to run our business from. So beautiful yet inexpensive.

We have enough experience to be able to guide you whatever your situation

No one else will have your specific talents, your desires, your individual concerns. So how can this program help you specifically? There is plenty of information you need to work through on your own, but this program is very interactive too. We are on hand to work though individual concerns with you either in person, through the forum or via the detailed accountability forms we will review each month (how much interaction we have with you depends on how much support you need and the membership level you choose)

Check out the membership options below.

Here’s the summary

Module 1

Module 1

Not sure where to go, how to get there or how to pay for it?

We show you how you can make the most of low cost travel- but still keep your home if that’s what you want. We guide you to choose where, when and how by tempting you with our best destinations and exploring some of your own. We save you a ton of money then get you to set a date. This is where the fun starts!
You can read more about this module here.

Module 2

Module 2

Whether just starting out or a seasoned business pro, there’s stuff you’ll sit up and take notice of in here

We teach how you can make a decent income using the skills and opportunities you already have at your fingertips. We show you how consistently produce the sort of value customers will want to buy and how to keep your clients happy even when you are no longer just a phone call away. We show you how to start or upscale your business and blow your mind with how close you already are to dumping the daily grind and doing what you were really made for. We equip you with the skills you need to earn the living of your choice from where you like.
You can read more about this module here.

Module 3

Module 3

‘I just don’t know if I can do it…’ That’s why we’re here to give you a mental massage (and maybe a light slap.) This is where you get a great result from being proved wrong!

We get what some of the biggest worries are for you, because we have been through a lot of them ourselves. So we also know how to get round them. We use some psychological jiggery pokery to uncover some the gremlins holding you back and gentle prod you towards overcoming your most troublesome doubts.
You can read more about this module here.

Module 4

Module 4

What about your partner? The kids? Your team? We’ve got it covered- dive in and see the shackles of your relationships fall away

We know all about working as a couple. We might not be able to give lessons on how to pick up a hottie in a club, but we do know all about the challenges of keeping your relationship on track as you travel and work together! We also know how to build a fantastic team remotely and prove how this can become the backbone of your business.
You can read more about this module here.

Module 5

Module 5

Not very techie minded? Don’t worry, even the complicated whizzy stuff has been designed for the idiots amongst us. No offence

We have a bordering on geek-level interest in gadgetry but also make sure we keep it simple enough for the technically challenged amongst us. Using audio, video and good old fashioned pictures we take you step by step through the painful process of condensing your entire office into one laptop sized bag so you can reliably work from anywhere you go.
You can read more about this module here.

There are more details about the program below, or just join now if your ready.


So why choose us?


We all learnt from someone

We all had to start somewhere and we all had teachers. We had to dig deep and spend a small fortune learning about internet business and marketing from some of the leading online ‘gurus’ but the concept of remote working was so new back then that we had to figure that part all on our own! Now they come to us for advice!

We’re a little different from some mentors!

Unlike some of our other lovely and inspiring location independent colleagues we aren’t full time digital nomads (although we do probably travel a lot more than some of the guys who have set up shop and are living the high life in SE Asia). We aren’t permanent ex-pats; we are ‘flex-pats’, which means we travel for about half of the year and spend the other half closer to our friends, family and clients. We don’t promise bungee jumping adventure or a roller coaster ride to breathtaking sums of money. Our offer is a little more down to earth.

We teach the stuff that has worked for us- again and again

We teach you how to make enough money, travel cheaply, work with people you can trust, get the right tech set-up, and (most importantly) understand in your very core that you can do this.

We can teach about business because we run businesses

Loveplaywork is our most recent business venture, it is not our only one. We don’t teach how to live this lifestyle in order to fund this lifestyle for ourselves. We have other much more established businesses for that!

So many people are already changing the way they work. If they can do it, so can you.


There are two of us….


Mentoring with our client Hannah K in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The big benefit of having two of us run this program is the wider mix of skills we can bring to help out with your business. Between us we cover IT, graphic design, travel, video, marketing, recruitment, psychology, e-commerce, coaching, blogging, consultancy….all the things that we have combined to create a successful location independent life and business. And when you sign up for our program, we’re on your team; these skills are at your disposal too!

Worried it sounds pricey? This sort of expertise should cost thousands, right? We think you’ll be surprised. Check out the program options here

You can learn what you need right here with us. The alternative is to risk not doing anything at all.

We know a lot of people who keep doing the same things even though they know it makes them unhappy. They want things to change but don’t DO anything different. So nothing changes.

If it’s on your mind that you want to change the way you live your life you can either go for it now, or shelve it till later. But for most of us, coming back to it later often means not coming back to it at all.

So many people say to us that they would like to have the sort of freedom and income we have. We created a blueprint for that, a step by step ‘here’s what we did, and here’s what you need to do guide’ (minus all the false starts, mistakes and tantrums!)

We’ve created the program we could have done with when we first started out!

We’ve put it in a really easy to use format, made it engaging and interactive enough to keep your attention and even thrown in our personal support if you want it. We include the detail you need to stay inspired and make progress without any padding.

The less positive bit no one talks about….

The design of the program is very:

  • user-friendly;

  • interactive,

  • fun,

  • varied and not too time intensive.

Honestly, how many people do you have in your life who are 100% behind your intention to live a little differently? You won’t be alone if you’re finding it’s not quite as well received by your loved ones as you hoped. The beauty of surrounding yourself with people who want what you do or have already achieved a new way of living is that they get it. They want you to succeed. That’s what you’ll find by joining our super-friendly and helpful program forum. You’ll learn who is doing what, you’ll follow their journey and cheer them on- and they’ll do exactly the same for you. Who knows where you will actually meet up in person?!


No regrets zone! If you don’t like what you’ve bought we’ll do a quick and easy refund

So it’s really up to you. Whatever your choice, you need to make sure it is the right one for you. We have a money back guarantee on our program to help you take action without the anxiety of wondering if you are doing the right thing. If you do decide it’s not quite what you were looking for, we’ll give you a full refund, without any stress.

Within 6 months we had met all these friends in 2 different continents!


Don’t make a decision today that will leave you still wishing for something different 10 years from now.


We know we can help you but we also know we won’t be the right fit for everyone

We don’t mind if either this program, or us, aren’t quite your cup of tea. We won’t be right for everyone. We can even recommend some lovely chaps and chapesses to work with if you are looking for something a little more ‘high octane’, or maybe a program with a bigger price tag

But we do want you to do something. Get the help you need. If we hadn’t have done so, we’d still be living in a city in Scotland right now. There’s a sobering thought.

We’ve been getting some attention online and in the press!


Member Testimonial


Picture taken before the program

Picture taken after the program

Vanessa Morrow, United Kingdom

“I met Hannah & Chris at a work events and instantly I became fascinated with their story – of living, playing and working all while travelling and seeing the world. I never thought this was a possibility for me, but they told me they could show me how to do it too. I signed up to their 180 days to your Office on the Beach program and they took me through step-by-step how easy it is to become completely virtual and take your work anywhere around the world. They were available for questions and advice, it was great getting support from a couple who are already doing this very successfully.

Now I have worked from my laptop on my balcony in Portugal, in a Bedouin tent in Turkey, from a beach cafe in Tenerife and now I’m planning my next trip for a couple months in California. The sense of freedom of picking and choosing my wherever I want to work is invaluable. I also have more time to spend with my family and friends, as I’m not stuck on rush hour traffic getting to work any more!

For anyone out there who is excited at the thought of working for yourself, but having the freedom to do it wherever and whenever you please then I would definitely recommend this program. I’m really glad I invested in it, my life would be very different if I hadn’t!

Hannah and Chris will show you how they do it, how much money realistically it takes to travel and also what you’ll need to bring with you. They will also help you get into the mindset to realise that you CAN do it!!”
Read more about what our members think here.



Ready to just go for it?


Lifetime Membership Only $99

The 180 days to your office on the beach program is right for you if you are interested in the location independent lifestyle and would like to get some targeted ideas on how to move forward. You value accountability (which is provided in the forum and by us) and are pretty motivated to make some real changes with the support of like-minded friends and mentors (that’s us!)


  • You get full lifetime access to the 180 days coaching program (full details here)*
  • Accountability forms reviewed by us and feedback returned
  • Lifetime forum access* where you get to ask us questions and keep in touch with others on your journey
  • Special offers, updates and meet-ups exclusively for members

(It’s worth noting, this offer is way less than the cost of an event or conference where you would get only a tiny fraction of the info we share here, plus it’s much easier to keep track of the networking opportunities!)


So what happens now?


Simply click on the ‘get instant access’ button above

This will the redirect you to PayPal where you can enter your payment details. After this you will receive an email on how you can register your details and login to the program.

All the information you need about getting started will be in the ‘departure lounge’ page of the program. It’s all straightforward from there! We’ll be looking out for the first online forms you will submit for us to take a look at, and any questions you have in the forum.

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