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Home Exchange – Your Definitive Guide

*This practical and inspiring ‘how to’ guide also includes money-off vouchers, saving you over £160 ($240) from your future home exchange memberships*





Home exchanging is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on

All round the world couples, families, groups and individuals are taking super low-cost vacations in incredible destinations while those not ‘in the know’ are still saving all year to pay off expensive hotel bills.

This highly practical guide will help you get started on a home swap journey you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. It’s picture-packed design and easy to use instructions will inspire you while demonstrating exactly how straight-forward it can be.

Packed with personal travel examples, world-wide case studies, tried and tested templates and detailed FAQs this book will give you the confidence and know-how to quickly and easily arrange your very own home exchange holiday. Within a week you could be waking up to the offer of a villa in Spain, a chalet in the Alps, a ranch in Texas or even a beach house in Australia…all completely rent free!


Reviews of the Home Exchange Definitive Guide

“The Definitive Guide to Home Exchanging is a wonderful read–heart-felt, inspiring, and rich with home swap tips! Anyone interested in money-saving travel will be instantly intrigued as Hannah and Chris take us along their 7-month epic “Round the World in Home Exchanges adventure,” sharing fun, thrilling, and useful tips and tricks they picked up along the way.”
Rachel Jill Papernick, Community Manager at Knok.com

“This new Guide is really fantastic. It captures what house swapping is all about in an easy-to-read and entertaining format. The home exchange spirit shines through on every page and the way Chris and Hannah share their wonderful enthusiasm, tips and experiences is both inspiring and very insightful. A great achievement, giving readers the confidence and know how to start enjoying life changing home exchange holidays straight away.”
Sue Welham, PR & Marketing at HomeExchange.com
“I have just finished reading your book (even all the case studies!) I really like how you’ve presented it plus the layout is very clear with highlighted brief bullet point items, tips sections and case studies with different coloured backgrounds. The guide gives a ‘feel’ for the personal nature of home swapping for readers unfamiliar with the concept but can be skipped by readers with less time who only want to understand how the process of arranging exchanges works and for those on the verge of arranging a first swap, who are likely to use the Guide more for reference.”
Lois Sealey, Partner at HomeBase-hols.com
“I am always interested in people’s reactions when I tell them I home exchange and they always ask the same thing…does anyone steal anything and is your home okay on your return? Well, after reading Chris and Hannah’s book on home exchanging they definitely addresses the above questions and many more to boot. It is such a refreshing change to read something that covers the positive and negative aspects of this way to travel the world and hopefully will encourage lots more people to become involved, as knowing what you are getting into in the first instance means you are much better prepared for every eventuality. I also love the way they literally tried and tested home exchanging therefore they know exactly what they are talking about!

Happy home exchanging to all newcomers who are inspired by this book!”
Glynis McCauley, Experienced Home Exchanger


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