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    We’ve all heard horror stories of a looming deadline as the wifi drops in a busy internet cafe, so how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Making sure you know where your next internet connection is coming from is always a good idea when taking your business on the road. Here we also look at how to get round it when this just isn’t possible.

    How to stay in phone contact while you are abroad
    Figuring out time zones can be tricky enough so you don’t want anything else standing in the way of you being able to talk to clients, friends and family while you are away. Find out the best value and most reliable tools we have found here.

    – Being entertained abroad
    No one decides to relocate and live overseas for a while because they want to watch TV! But just sometimes its nice to curl up with a favourite TV show or drink some beers while following a major sporting event. Here’s how you can do it.
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Being entertained abroad

How you can read the local paper/book, listen to the radio, listen to music and watch TV

Sometimes when you are abroad for weeks or especially months, you just want some of your home creature comforts like listening to your favourite album or catching up with a TV programme (often foreign language radio or TV just isn’t enough!).

There are many solutions on the internet that will allow you to do this; but you will need 1 key piece of information before you can watch, listen or read anything.

Many of the online TV/ movie/ radio etc websites only show their content if you are in the correct country, for example the BBC iplayer will only work if you are in the UK. This is a big headache to many people who are travelling abroad.

The best (and quickest) solution to this is a service is called ‘UnoTelly’ (, this basically changes some of your network settings so that the TV/ movie/ radio websites think you are in the appropriate country. This is done automatically by the software you can install or you can manually change the settings yourself, all this detailed on their website. This solution can also work on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

This service costs as little as $4.95 a month and can be cancelled at any time.

With the above solution, you will be able to access everything plus even more as if you were at home. Here are our top recommendations to keep you entertained while abroad.

The local news paper
You can obviously keep up to date with the news through many different websites like, or But sometimes the articles contained in them just don’t go into enough detail compared to reading the actual paper. For as low as £9.99 you can now get a digital interactive version of the newspaper delivered to your computer or even your iPad. The iPad especially has a wide range of apps that are linked to several different newspapers, it is also a much more comfortable way to read (certainly compared to a broadsheet!)

A book
With the invention of the Kindle ( and iPad (, you can now download the latest books on the go. All you need is a WIFI or mobile internet connection, and within a minute you could have downloaded the latest best seller for around half the price of the physical version.

Hannah’s Review!
‘I’m a big reader but I must confess when I unwrapped the Kindle Chris bought me for Christmas I had mixed feelings. There is nothing like thumbing through a new paperback and reading the back cover and I wasn’t sure the experience would be quite the same. Well, it’s not the same and there are things I miss (like not being able to flick through pages to remind myself of a key character or pass on books I’ve especially enjoyed.) But overall the benefits far outweigh these minor differences and it’s very easy to use. I love that I can finish one book and be desperate to get on with the sequel- and instead of having to wait to visit a book shop I can just download it there and then! Or, if I’m reading a magazine and like the look of a review, I can instantly access it, rather than making a note, losing the note and forgetting all it! I still enjoy a good paperback but the Kindle is a great addition, I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading.”

*Don’t forget, this also saves a lot on your luggage weight too!*

Services like the BBC allow you to listen to their stations live and even their recorded shows via their website ( In fact you will find that most radio stations have a ‘listen online’ feature and this has no restrictions to where you are based.

Example – Kefalonia, Greece
After a great holiday last year in Kefalonia with some friends, back at home we wanted to do a ‘Greek’ night as a surprise. After a quick search on the internet we found we could listen to the exact radio station we used to tune in to in our villa-

Who would have thought a small radio station on a small island in Greece would have an online radio stream?!

We use Spotify ( to listen to our music while we are abroad.

There is a wide range of music available covering all genres, the music is streamed via the internet when you want it and we are yet to find a song that is not on there.

It is a free service if you can put up with the adverts; alternatively you can pay from £4.99 a month to remove them.

Depending on the country you are in, you may need the UnoTelly service to run this abroad.

By using the UnoTelly service you can watch 99% of programmes online through the TV channels websites. Often these websites will host previous programmes too so you can catch up with previous episodes. The UnoTelly service lists all these sites on the right so you don’t even need to find them!

You can find an easy to follow guide on using UnoTelly here-

Many of the TV channel websites also have movies on there too. If they were shown on that channel they are often placed online to watch.

The website also has a range of movies you can watch.

*If your laptop has an hdmi port, you can connect it to a flat
screen TV via an hdmi cable. This makes for a much more comfortable TV watching experience.*

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