• Staying connected

    – Access the internet from anywhere in the world
    We’ve all heard horror stories of a looming deadline as the wifi drops in a busy internet cafe, so how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Making sure you know where your next internet connection is coming from is always a good idea when taking your business on the road. Here we also look at how to get round it when this just isn’t possible.

    How to stay in phone contact while you are abroad
    Figuring out time zones can be tricky enough so you don’t want anything else standing in the way of you being able to talk to clients, friends and family while you are away. Find out the best value and most reliable tools we have found here.

    Being entertained abroad
    No one decides to relocate and live overseas for a while because they want to watch TV! But just sometimes its nice to curl up with a favourite TV show or drink some beers while following a major sporting event. Here’s how you can do it.
  • Handy tools and gizmos
  • Keeping your business safe
  • Summary
  • Final checklist
  • Your Video

Access the internet from anywhere in the world

Click here to read our extensive guide on accessing the internet from wherever you are in the world.

It covers:
1. Internet connection options
2. Which internet connection is best for your travels?
3. Internet connection explored – Broadband Internet
4. Internet connection explored – Mobile Internet
5. Internet connections explored – Internet access in public places
6. What happens if my internet connection dies?

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