The 16 ‘must have’ travel apps for your smart phone*

*(mainly for Android and the iPhone)

1. XE Currency
Whether on an iPhone or Android, this is the perfect app to work out your currency conversions. You can add up to 7 different currencies at once so can stay up to date with every country on your trip.
Cost: FREE!

2. Itorch 4
This app is perfect for using your iPhone as a torch. We have used this many times, such as a cycle ride home on an Indonesian Island to finding our keys in our bag in Canada. An Android equivalent is ‘Torch LED flashlight’.
Cost: FREE!

3. Wifi Finder
This app helps you find a WIFI connection by finding one near you. It has a list of over 500,000 locations worldwide, which you can filter according to whether a hot spot is free or paid. This works on iPhone of Android.
Cost: FREE!

4. Tripadvisor
This app links in with the popular TripAdvisor website. The best feature is showing you the hotels, restaurants and attractions near your location; you can then read the posted reviews from the website.
Cost: FREE!

5. Skype
For iPhone and Android, this is the mobile version of the popular communication tool. This is a must for staying in contact with your clients while abroad.
Cost: FREE!

6. Urbanspoon
Find local restaurants by “shaking” your device and watching near-by options slide up and down your screen like a slot machine. Urbanspoon uses GPS to pick popular restaurants local to your location throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia.
Cost: FREE!

7. World Clock–Time Zones
This iPhone app is the perfect solution to working out the time in another country. No longer do you have to work out when will be the best time to call your clients. ‘TimeZone converter’ is a great alternative for an Android phone.
Cost: FREE!

8. Starmap
This app (for iPhone only unfortunately) gives you a complete planetarium in your hand. It uses the GPS to show you the stars, planets, galaxies etc in your location. There are Android versions but they do not seem as comprehensive as this app.
Cost: £7.99

9. Trip It
This Travel Organizer means you’ll never have to dig through your printed, paper itineraries again. Trip It links to your e-mail account and picks up every confirmation number that comes into your inbox. Any flight, hotel, or even dinner reservation that contains a confirmation number will be put into an organized itinerary, all in one place.
Cost: FREE

10. Flightaware
This is the easiest, no-frills app to track your flight; just provide your airline and flight number and let FlightAware do the rest. It can also alert you to any updates on flight delays, gate changes or cancellations.
Cost: FREE

11. Kayak
The easiest way to search for flights, hotels and car rentals all in one place, Kayak is Apple’s most popular iPhone travel app – it even features a function for a Packing List. With Kayak you can track your flight, convert currency and check out tours and attractions around your destination. Skyscanner is another similar application worth mentioning.
Cost: FREE

12. Travel Zoo
Get all the latest travel deals with Travel Zoo, which checks out the best reductions, then gives you a “top 20” list.
Cost: FREE

13. Google translate
Like the Google Translate web service, you can translate pieces of text with ease. Of course the accuracy is not always perfect, but it’s about as good as it gets. But where the app excels is in voice recognition. It allows you to speak in English (or another language) and it will translate what you said into the language of your choice.
Cost: FREE

14. The weather channel
Many of the standard built in weather apps just lack the level of details required. If you want more than just the current temperature and the daily highs and lows, this app is a great alternative. Not only does it have all the basics, it includes tabs for hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecasts.
Cost: FREE

15. Geocaching
This is a great app that gets you out and about to explore the local area. Basically Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, participants hide & seek hidden physical containers outdoors all around the world. We have found it the perfect solution to going for a walk when you don’t know where to go.
Cost: £6.99

16. AroundMe
This app uses Google maps to locate points of interest near you, no matter where you are. It can quickly tell you about restaurants and bars in your vicinity, as well as other useful categories such as hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets, theatres, and more.
Cost: £6.99

What are the top applications you use? Let us know in the forum.

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