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Welcome to Module 5!

I’m sure we don’t have to explain that without developments in technology running a business from wherever we please just wouldn’t be possible.
And it’s getting easier all the time.
It can seem like there is always something new to keep up to date with and keeping on top of all those tools can become a challenge in itself! We regularly update this section based on what we learn with every new trip, keeping you in the know on all the must-have gadgets, shortcuts and software.

Our objectives for this module:
1.Making sure you can access the internet wherever you are
2.Using your smart phone the smart way- must have apps
3.Get your back ups in place and keep your sites secure (Chelsey cookies stuff?)
4.Find out how to connect to friends, clients and your favourite TV shows!
5.Learn the must have pieces of kit to keep you moving and doing business
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