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  • A Partnership Approach
    Are we on the same page?
    A great use of a night out alone together, use this resource to check the status of your dreams and aspirations, and review the questions together to see how closely they are aligned.

    – The BIG working together handbook
    Including *bonus* section ‘So your partner is nuts enough to want to work from somewhere else?!’
    This is a big resource and covers (hopefully!) all the answers you’ve wanted to know about working with a partner. Includes how to get them on board if they are reluctant; how to mix very different skill sets; how to keep your work and personal life separate. Dive in, it could revolutionise the way you work!

    – Coming soon! Q&A
    How do you manage living, working and travelling with your partner? An expose of 3 location independent relationships!
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The Working Together Handbook


The questions we most get asked are:

1. How can I have freedom when my partner has a full time job?
2. How can we work together when we do such different things?
3. How can we travel when we aren’t confident that the money will keep coming in?
4. What happens when one of you isn’t so keen on travelling?
5. How can you keep your working relationship and business relationship separate?
6. How do you manage working together when one of you isn’t as keen on the idea?
7. How do you stay focused on work when you are travelling?
8. What happens when one of you is on holiday, but the other is working?
9. What happens when your partner does not understand what you do?

Here are some answers from our perspective!

Bonus resource:So your partner is nuts enough to want to work from somewhere else?

View the full PDF document here to discover the answers from our perspective

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