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  • A Partnership Approach
    – Are we on the same page?
    A great use of a night out alone together, use this resource to check the status of your dreams and aspirations, and review the questions together to see how closely they are aligned.

    The BIG working together handbook
    Including *bonus* section ‘So your partner is nuts enough to want to work from somewhere else?!’
    This is a big resource and covers (hopefully!) all the answers you’ve wanted to know about working with a partner. Includes how to get them on board if they are reluctant; how to mix very different skill sets; how to keep your work and personal life separate. Dive in, it could revolutionise the way you work!

    – Coming soon! Q&A
    How do you manage living, working and travelling with your partner? An expose of 3 location independent relationships!


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Are we on the same page?

Priorities as a couple
Not all couples have the same set of priorities when it comes to travel. As we all know, relationships take compromise. A good starting point is figuring out where similarities, and differences, in your priorities lie.
Take some time out to talk about this

A good way to do this exercise might be for you and your partner to take some time out, away from everyday life to have a proper chat about this. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to go out to dinner or for a drink where you can think about these questions and what your answers are.
Your personal circumstances

Everyone will have slightly different circumstances. Some of you might already work together, some may have partners who are employed full time, or who plan to work for themselves at a later date. If you don’t have a partner it may be useful to keep this until you do meet someone, and have some of these questions at the back of your mind for a rainy day!
Do they truly ‘get’ it?

A key thing to remember is that not everyone ‘gets’ this sort of lifestyle. In fact, the concept is VERY alien to most people. So you may need to work at explaining it to others who may be used to working in a very different way. For partners who still work full time they may see this concept as being about you working while you are holiday, which understandably, isn’t a selling point! Location independence is about having a lot more freedom to travel more regularly than you normally would- and for longer. It is NOT about work encroaching on your two week break together. It might be that you will need to think longer term about how this will work with a partner who is more tied. Either, you will need to accept that you will do much of your travelling without them, thus saving your holidays together as just that- holidays. Or maybe you need to sit down and work out a longer strategy to get you both on a position to enjoy the new freedom together.

Keep the dialogue open

You will probably have plenty of your own questions to explore, but here are some which might get you started. You might want to take turns to answer the ones which are suitable for you both. Bear in mind, It won’t be much help in the long run if you just say what you reckon your partner wants to hear! We all tend to know our partners pretty well. But sometimes we can also take things for granted. Discuss some questions and ideas without any preconceptions. You might be surprised by what you hear. You may also find that having a structured discussion takes some pressure off conversations you may have found difficult to tackle before, and can generate discussion which can be open, persuasive and compelling for agreeing a shared vision for the future.
The idea
What does ‘location independence’ mean to you?
Do you like the sound of a more flexible lifestyle?
What appeals about it?
What seems less appealing?
What are the main benefits?
Do you believe these are truly possible?
Is there anything that particularly puts you off?
What particularly excites you about it?
What worries you about it?
Can you see ways round this?
How committed are you to the idea of creating a lifestyle where one or both of you can spend much more time working while experiencing new environments?
Can you both see yourself living like this?
If yes, why?
If no, why not?
How do you see it working?

The places
What places would you like to visit?
Where have you always wanted to go?
What famous place have you always wanted to see?
Is there a certain experience you have wanted to have?
What are your top 3 destination picks?
Is there anywhere you aren’t bothered about going?

The timings
How long would you like to be away for?
How will you manage your time if you have a job already?
What obstacles are there to getting a balance of work and play for both of you?
How can you make it work?
Do you want to make it work?
Are you prepared to be apart?
Are you happy to spend all that time together if you are travelling longer term?

Your career
What do you see your role being?
Can you see a different role longer term?
What are the potential drawbacks to travelling more?
Can you see a way round these obstacles in the short or long term?

Your values
What is important to you?
What is less important?
Where do you see differences between you?
What is your vision for the next 2 years?
What is your vision for the next 5 years?
What do you need from your partner to feel committed to this plan?
What do you need generally to feel positive about the plan?

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