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    7 strategies for staying connected and finding support
    As appealing as a location independent lifestyle undoubtedly is, sometimes it can get lonely on the road. Here is how to combat this, and how to build a fantastic community of like-minded travellers and colleagues.

    – Travelling with kid case studies
    You can’t travel with kids, right? Wrong! These families have proved that they can not only manage, but the benefits of this lifestyle are profound, for all the family. Get ready to be impressed!

    What is your family’s opinion about your plans to become Location Independent? Are they supportive? Do they think you are being unrealistic? Are they upset? Are they proud? We’ve added our answer to the forum, please add your story too
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Travelling with Kids

Some Adventurous and Inspiring Case Studies!

For a lot of people, having kids seems to be a deal breaker when it comes to travelling. The widely held perception is that the two don’t mix well.

We’ve tracked down some intrepid families who have proved an exception to this rule. Click here to read their stories, we hope you find them as inspiring as we have.

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