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    – 7 strategies for staying connected and finding support
    As appealing as a location independent lifestyle undoubtedly is, sometimes it can get lonely on the road. Here is how to combat this, and how to build a fantastic community of like-minded travellers and colleagues.

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    You can’t travel with kids, right? Wrong! These families have proved that they can not only manage, but the benefits of this lifestyle are profound, for all the family. Get ready to be impressed!

    What is your family’s opinion about your plans to become Location Independent? Are they supportive? Do they think you are being unrealistic? Are they upset? Are they proud? We’ve added our answer to the forum, please add your story too
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7 Strategies for Staying Connected and Finding Support

Whether you are heading overseas for a month or a year it’s worth thinking about the sort of support we benefit from (that we can take for granted when we are at home). Here are some pointers and ideas which might help.

1. Stay connected to a community

What sense of community do you need? What form does this take at home? Having links to like-minded people can provide support, advice, guidance and unexpected opportunities. Stay connected through travel forums or community sites such as the ‘180 days’ forum,

Find expats through some of the sites referenced here:

2. People like you

There are plenty of well-written and informative blogs out there to remind you that you are not being irresponsible or unreasonable, in fact you are embracing a lifestyle that more and more people are embracing as possible every day! Don’t get dragged down into thinking it’s not realistic, use a tool like ‘Google reader’ to get regular updates on what your location independent peers are up to. A quick browse on the latest articles every once in a while will be inspiring, reassuring, and give you some great ideas!

3. Introduce yourself

Forums are a great place to ask question and build relationships. Twitter is also a good platform for establishing links with people in your local area. Use hashtags to reference where you are and search on location hashtags to see who else is talking about your area.

4. Meeting up

There are plenty of ‘meet ups’ ( all round the world on a VAST array of topics! These are an excellent way of making friends with local expats (who are always a friendly bunch!), travelers, entrepreneurs and visitors. When we are in the UK we attend a travel bloggers meet up and Give some thought to what you are interested in and would like to chat about. Even if you are only in an area for a short time there is usually plenty of scope to socialize if you start to look into it.

5. Get support

Connecting to people doing similar things to you means that you have access to others who have had similar experiences. Not only can they help you out with advice or information but you can learn from their experiences and avoid making similar mistakes. It’s helpful to tap into that if you aren’t getting quite the support or encouragement you would like from your existing friends and family, who you may find don’t really ‘get’ what you are trying to do.

6. Stay on track

Staying motivated can be tricky at times, so whether you need a nudge in the right direction with your work or to not get complacent about your travels, having people to keep you on track is helpful. You may wish to have a coach, or even to ‘buddy up’ with someone in similar shoes so you can recognize each other’s achievements and chivvy each other along.

7. Keeping a record

A journal or diary can be a useful means of personal support. Your past thoughts, dreams or hopes can act as a strong motivator to a future you; concerns or problems can find themselves worked through by the attention writing them down takes. A written or typed account can also be useful to help you review your progress; sometimes we need a reminder of how far we have come, and the direction we still heading in.

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