Program Overview


  • You will decide your travel goals for the next 6 months i.e. where you are going to take your first trip; when you are going to take it.
  • You’ll learn how to create your own formula for getting the best flight deals.
  • You will become an expert on getting great prices on rentals, or become a pro at home exchanging.
  • You will be inspired with some cracking ideas for how your location independent or flex pat lifestyle might soon evolve
  • Have a go at our fun and revealing quizzes to get your destination pin in the map
  • Get on the inside track with cheat sheets, checklists and starter packs- all the short cuts you need to get you started the most efficient way

  • You will learn exactly how to identify your best route for taking your business on the road.
  • Find instantly actionable ways to improve your business and improve your results.
  • Get a master-class in clarifying who your market is and how you will maintain your relationships and services with them while you are away.
  • You learn how to finely tune your approach so you can run your business remotely.
  • Get a real boost in creating new ideas for the value you can deliver
  • Have a chance to evaluate an opportunity for business mentoring, focusing on what you need to do next


  • You will explore your beliefs, values, needs and fears in relation to location independence and what a new lifestyle means to you.
  • Be guided through an honest ‘what I want’ statement- harder than you might think!
  • Learn to uncover your hidden obstacles and reframe the negative thoughts which are keeping you stuck.
  • Create a ‘5 years from now’ vision.
  • Consider your own tendencies in relation to stress, productivity and perfectionism- an eye opening resource.
  • Take time to evaluate your own mindset in relation to your goals and how this might need to change.

  • Find out where your partners goals match your own, and where there is room to compromise.
  • Explore ways of working with a partner.
  • Strategies for staying connected and finding support on the road.
  • Learning inside tricks to travelling with a family.
  • Insights into how couples on the road make it work.
  • Inside look at getting the best out of working with a VA.
  • Guidelines on how to build your virtual team.

  • Learn to reliably access the internet wherever you are in the world.
  • Use your smart phone the smart way- must have apps.
  • Get your back ups in place and keep your sites secure.
  • Learn the must have pieces of kit to keep you moving and doing business.
  • How to stay in phone contact with your clients while you are abroad.
  • Learn secret tips of home entertainment round the globe.

  • Bring everything you have learnt into one plan that you can work from while away
  • Review your progress.
  • Immerse yourself in some final inspiration.
  • Check off key action against a finely honed checklist.
  • Join our monthly mentoring circle.
  • Depart!

Program Top Tips

Do the work
If you work steadily through the modules and take regular action there is no reason that you can’t be embarking on your first remote working experience (aka office on the beach) in 6 months or less! We won’t overload you as we are sure you are busy, but the resources we’ve provided will help you reach your goals if you use them

Watch the videos
At the beginning of each module is a video to watch introducing the topic

Use the checklists and accountability questions at the end of the module to be clear what you have accomplished. When these are completed they are automatically submitted to us- so we know if you are doing your homework!

Follow the order you prefer
We have sequenced the program in an order we think works well but it’s up to you to use the resources in the order which best fits with you.

Where to start
We suggest you start with the module on Location as it’s a fun and inspiring way to begin! Listening to the welcome audio recorded from a tropical hideaway in Thailand is a great starting point. This module will help you set clear goals on destination and timescale-essential to get you underway!

Save your work
Make sure to save completed tasks into a special folder. You’ll work hard on these and you will want to use them to review your progress later. Work completed through the forms in this on-line system will be emailed to you. Make sure you store any other work you do outside of this system (ie word docs, notes pages etc in the same place)

Let’s go!
And finally, do start! Don’t just look around and plan to come back later. Start today and set aside time every week at least to return. This won’t happen for you unless you put the time in to make it.


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