We hope that you are well on your way to a location independent lifestyle. Whichever definition suits you best, digital nomad, remote worker, flex pat, road warrior, laptop lifetsyler– your goal remains being able to work on your terms and travel when you please. This isn’t a lot to ask. And it’s right there at your fingertips.

Something that concerns some of you is about the stage you will be left at once the program ends. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry! We have a couple of exciting options for those of you who would benefit from that final bit of extra support to get you and your laptop confidently on the road…..

Sometimes you may have questions or want to connect with other people sharing your path. Over the coming months we plan to start running travel and working retreats where you get to experience a taste of a location independent lifestyle with the added benefits of business mentoring and master classes. mWe’ll make sure there is also plenty of scope for massages and cocktails too!

If you would value more regular touching base we suggest you join our monthly mentoring circle. Once a month we will host group calls to respond to individual questions on where you are now and where you are headed. These will be informal discussions where you can send us your questions in advance or simply ask us yourself on the call.

To join this circle will only cost $10 a month- we don’t want cost to be the reason you don’t keep the momentum going and access the support you need.
So join our community and let’s get you travelling and working in the way that
fits your lifestyle.

Click here to join us on this month’s call.

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