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    Our location independent history – Take a peek
    Take a peek behind the scenes into our location independent trips from the very beginning. We hope these case studies give you renewed inspiration into what is at YOUR fingertips, and reminds you that however busy you are, you need to keep your eye on your lifestyle goals!
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Case Studies

Where we have travelled to and worked from

Case Study 1
Where did you go?
A rural farm house in Entraygues Sur Truyere, Aveyron, Midi Pyrenees

How did you get there?
We took the channel tunnel (good deals through their website and newsletter, There are some great deals to get to mainland Europe this way and it’s really quick, only about 40 minutes.

The only drawback is the distance from where you start from and where you are headed. On this trip we might have been better off travelling by ferry, which would take longer. It’s often more expensive but would cost far less on fuel and in time.
It was great having our own car to travel round France, although the toll roads can mean that travelling long distances adds up. On the plus side, the auto-routes are not usually busy and are good direct roads.

Where did you stay?
We stayed in a huge old French farmhouse, which we found through We paid £300 for week in May/June instead of £800, as it was a last minute booking, although as it was our first experience we would probably look to pay a lot less per week now! There are always so many options on this site it helps to be really specific about what you are looking for. For instance, we knew we wanted a pool and to have great views. We also wanted to be reasonably close to a town for shops and restaurants.

To break up the journey we stayed at ‘formula 1’ motels. These are cheap and basic, but fine if you just need a bed and shower!

Were there any drawbacks?
There were a couple of issues we hadn’t thought of. Firstly, because it was so early in the season the pool was too cold to use (very disappointing!) We hadn’t checked if it would be heated.

Secondly, although there was an internet connection there were some problems with it that the owner didn’t know how to fix. We ended up having to go into town to buy a network cable (always take one wherever you go!) as she did not know the wireless password.

What were the benefits of this trip?
We had just started to have some online customers and had launched the third product in our support services range. This trip encouraged us to make sure the delivery of the product was fully automated.

Whilst we were there we had a customer enquiry about a product similar to the one we had just launched. We were able to adapt the existing product to suit his needs, which we would not have had time to do at home where we were more accessible, and therefore more distracted.

What did you learn?
This trip showed us that it was possible to meet customer needs whilst in another country, without negatively impacting on the level of service we could provide.

When it comes to internet connections you need to make sure of the speed of the connection and possible alternatives (internet cafes etc). Technical problems may arise which the owner should fix…alternatively most of them you can self diagnose (see technology module 5).
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