• Checklist

    – Final checklist
    When you are ready to go you’ll need a reminder of what to take and what to do prior to departure. Here are some tips- review this a couple of months before you leave though, you may have visas and vaccinations you need to sort out!

    – Will you go?
    Will you go? We need to stay targeted on where you are going next. Complete this short questionnaire and let’s see what your intentions really are.
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  • Final inspiration
  • Summary
  • Accountability
  • Your video


To really get this plan moving your next step will be booking your flight (train, boat, car, bike…)

It may seem strange going back to your first step when we are in the final module, but for those of you who haven’t done this yet it’s an important point to remember.

Once the flight is booked, actually leaving for your first experience of location independence is inevitable. Before you book it, it’s just a theory.

From taking that critical action all the other stages will be broken down into a series of small steps which will make it seem much more incremental and manageable.

The first step will be the most daunting.

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