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Welcome to your final preparation module


Here we are- all set!
We hope you have enjoyed the program as much as we have enjoyed getting to know you.

Some of you will be ready to head off quite soon, some may have a trip planned out for the future. It’s ok to go at your own pace; just make sure you GO!

We’ve said it tons of times but it’s worth reiterating- what you are planning is not a holiday which you ruin by bringing your laptop! This trip is an entirely different proposition.

This is where you get to go about your normal work but in a different environment. It’s where you get to experience a different way of living your life, even if for just a short time.

You will do all your normal weekday tasks, just somewhere novel, where you have the opportunity to see more colour and beauty, meet people with different outlooks and learning, and do things which will benefit you and your business far more than if you just stayed put. Some of you may not be quite ready just yet, and for those of you who would like a little bit more encouragement and help to get you underway check out the Support section.



Objectives for this module:

  1. Have a final checklist of what to do before you leave
  2. Review your progress so far- including what you have achieved and where you may be
    falling behind
  3. Immerse yourself in some final inspiration- reminding yourself that this is all within
    your reach too
  4. Join our monthly mentoring circle to access the support, inspiration, encouragement and knowledge you need to keep you moving forwards – Coming Soon

Don’t forget to post in the forum – increase your accountability by sharing your questions, ideas and intentions!

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