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    Getting the most out of your Location Independent Lifestyle
    How can you be productive and take care of yourself while you are away? This resource explores how to find a balance between stress, perfectionism, productivity and fun!
    [Read and Review – 30 minutes]

    Do you have the mindset to achieve your dreams?
    Hannah talks about the possible things that can stand in your way of making your ‘location independent’ dreams come true (audio)
    [Audio – 30+ minutes]

    – Your thoughts, your reality
    This resource is packed with insights related to why some people achieve successful location independence. It’s all in the mind- find out how to make this work for you with this 16 page downloadable psychology workbook
    [Read and Review – 90 minutes]

    – The secret to becoming location independent
    Coming soon! The secret to becoming location independent with our internet celebrity friend Audio

    We have a special gift with your name on it!
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Your thoughts, your reality

We’re giving plenty of attention to the inner workings of your mind so you can help build the sort of mental habits which create successful location independent lifestyles. To get similar results you need to model success. It’s time to take a look behind the scenes and learn a lot more about yourself in the process.

This PDF shares some interesting insights into the psychology of how we behave and whether our thoughts propel us forward or are holding us back. There are some strategies for uncovering your thinking style and some practical tips for improving how positive you can remain about your future. Becoming location independent IS challenging. Paying attention to your inner thought processes will give you as much of a head start as an external work you are doing.

Download the PDF here!

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