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    Getting the most out of your Location Independent Lifestyle
    How can you be productive and take care of yourself while you are away? This resource explores how to find a balance between stress, perfectionism, productivity and fun!
    [Read and Review – 30 minutes]

    Do you have the mindset to achieve your dreams?
    Hannah talks about the possible things that can stand in your way of making your ‘location independent’ dreams come true
    [Audio – 30+ minutes]

    Your thoughts, your reality
    This resource is packed with insights related to why some people achieve successful location independence. It’s all in the mind- find out how to make this work for you with this 16 page downloadable psychology workbook
    [Read and Review – 90 minutes]

    – The secret to becoming location independent
    Coming soon! The secret to becoming location independent with our internet celebrity friend Audio

    We have a special gift with your name on it!
    [Action – 5 minutes]
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Your Thinking, Your Outcomes

Continuing on from the practical exercises, this section continues to explore the impact your inner thoughts, beliefs and preconceptions are having on your outer world.


Personal Coaching

*Additional Paid Service*

Would a conversation with someone who gets what you are going through, and knows how to emerge successfully on the other side help right now?! We can be determined to reach our goals but sometimes it can feel like things just aren’t coming together. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, confused or overwhelmed we have a great offer for you- a private one to one call with our psychologist Hannah. She’s spent the last 5 years building location independent businesses and tackling all the challenges which this way of living and working brings. She’ll guide you round any obstacles you are hitting against, and get you back on a much clearer path. Special rate for program members just $100 now.

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