• Practical Mindset Work
    – What I Want
    It’s easy to know what we must do, or what other people expect of us. But sometimes the simplest questions can be the most profound, and asking yourself ‘what do I really want?’ is no exception. Take some time to sit quietly and work through these questions. What do YOU want?
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    Best Friend/ Worst Enemy
    Most of us are a much better friend to others than we are to ourselves. But what might be the impacts of that? And how can you get around it? Work through this resource and find out if you are giving yourself the treatment you need and deserve.
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    Time to get some inspiration
    Imagine yourself in 5 years time…
    This task is something Hannah does every year and finds very rewarding. It doesn’t take much time at all but it’s well worth it!
    [Action – 20 minutes]
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  • Accountability
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What I Want


Staying Focused:

When we are contemplating any big change, it never seems as simple as ‘what do I want?’
So many other factors can come into play; who will it affect? What might the consequences be? What will people think? How can I justify it? What if…..?
There will be all sorts of hurdles to overcome if you want to have a more location independent lifestyle, although none of them will prove as tricky as the ones we create in our own mind!
It can be helpful to establish a clear foundation statement to refer to when it comes to your personal goals and aspirations. When you feel uncertain or insecure, if you are feeling pressured by external influences or obligations you can remind yourself what you want and why you are doing it. Then you can make informed choices about what is the right thing for YOU.


Use the questions above to help you. Now write a short statement to yourself. You may want to outline what you want, what you CAN achieve, what you deserve to have, why allowing yourself this is important, and anything else you would like to include.
You may want to print this out, with some pictures of the types of places you would like to go, and have it somewhere you can easily see or access it.
It can act as a reminder that to a pretty good extent we get the life we choose. Even when unexpected or difficult things occur, we are in charge of our perceptions, our actions and ultimately how it plays out for us.
It can be difficult remembering (or wanting to acknowledge!) that power sometimes.

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