• Practical Mindset Work
    What I Want
    It’s easy to know what we must do, or what other people expect of us. But sometimes the simplest questions can be the most profound, and asking yourself ‘what do I really want?’ is no exception. Take some time to sit quietly and work through these questions. What do YOU want?
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    – Best Friend/ Worst Enemy
    Most of us are a much better friend to others than we are to ourselves. But what might be the impacts of that? And how can you get around it? Work through this resource and find out if you are giving yourself the treatment you need and deserve.
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    Time to get some inspiration
    Imagine yourself in 5 years time… This task is something Hannah does every year and finds very rewarding. It doesn’t take much time at all but it’s well worth it!
    [Action – 20 minutes]
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My Best Friend / Worst Enemy



Inner voice work

You know that voice in your head – the one that if it belonged to someone else, you wouldn’t count them as much of a friend?! It’s important to know what this voice is going to come up with as you establish this change in your life.
No-one else is going to be able to scupper your progress or throw up roadblocks as effectively as yourself – so you need to be armed and ready!

Are you your own best friend or your own worst enemy?


  • When you do something wrong, do you tell yourself you need to make mistakes to learn, or do you say you have been stupid?
  • When you feel low, do you feel worse because you’re telling yourself to snap out of it, or do you tell yourself its ok, everyone feels down sometimes?
  • When people let you down or hurt you, do you tell yourself it’s their loss, you didn’t deserve it, or that it was your own fault?
  • When you have hopes which are dashed, do you mock your own naivety or tell yourself it will be ok, that you weren’t to know, and it will be better next time?


    Bringing the negative into the light

    Let’s bring some of your fears, worries and insecurities out into the open. If we can see them coming we have a much better chance of being able to go round them.

    Step 1

    Have a go at answering the following questions. Even if you don’t feel this way now, you might have more difficult days when these thoughts will creep in. If we know what they are likely to look like they might just have less power to shake our confidence.
    You don’t need to submit these unless you want to. But it is very important you are as honest as possible with yourself.

    Your answers

    1. I don’t think I will be able to make it work because……
    2. I’ve got a feeling things will get in the way. These are……
    3. The trouble with me is……
    4. I know I am going to worry about……
    5. I’m not very good at……
    6. My business will struggle because……
    7. I’ll find it hard in a new country/ location because……
    8. I won’t get enough clients because……
    9. I won’t be able to overcome any obstacles because……
    10. Any other negative thoughts that need airing…….?

    Imagine your friend has presented the above answers to you. They are looking to you for reassurance and support.

    What would you say to them?

    Describe below, in as much detail as you can, what you would say to them in response to each of their answers;

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a constantly available best friend just like that?!

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