• Practical Mindset Work
    What I Want
    It’s easy to know what we must do, or what other people expect of us. But sometimes the simplest questions can be the most profound, and asking yourself ‘what do I really want?’ is no exception. Take some time to sit quietly and work through these questions. What do YOU want?
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    Best Friend/Worst Enemy
    Most of us are a much better friend to others than we are to ourselves. But what might be the impacts of that? And how can you get around it? Work through this resource and find out if you are giving yourself the treatment you need and deserve.
    [Review and Action – 1 hour]

    Time to get some inspiration
    Imagine yourself in 5 years time… This task is something Hannah does every year and finds very rewarding. It doesn’t take much time at all but it’s well worth it!
    [Action – 20 minutes]
  • Your Thinking, Your Outcomes
  • Accountability
  • Summary
  • Your Video

Practical Mindset Work

‘Muscle memory’ is the theory that your muscles become accustomed to certain movements through repetition. This forms habits and shortcuts which make it much easier to complete actions automatically. Take activities such as riding a bike or playing a musical instrument for example.

At Love Play Work, we are helping you to develop ‘location independent’ muscle memory in your mind, body and soul.
The first trip you take after this program will be vital; and with every subsequent trip your practice of this lifestyle will seem a little bit easier, a little more comfortable, a little less challenging. Before you know it you will have incorporated it into your life with utmost ease.
But- your mindset will be your biggest threat. Don’t under-estimate it. You will only NOT achieve your goals if you decide you can’t. Self sabotage is often something we have a LOT of practice of!
So, work through the tasks and resources provided here and come back to us with any questions or concerns in the forum.


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