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Welcome to Module 3!


Welcome to your mindset module.

This topic is HUGELY important. Unless you get this right, you’ll struggle to achieve your goals. Remember, your thoughts affect what you feel; what you feel affects how you behave- and you need to change how you behave if you are going to change your outcomes.
What you think, believe and ultimately do will make the difference between sitting at your desk wishing things could be different and having the photos and stories to prove that you could make it happen after all.
You’ve already proved you are willing to act by joining this program- so let’s keep building on that foundation until it is absolutely ROCK SOLID.

This will mean you achieve your goals throughout the rest of this program and far beyond.
There will be a few tasks this month that may be useful to reflect on in the future. You should have already started a special folder to save your completed tasks so do continue to do so.
What we will cover in this module:

  • Your beliefs,
  • Values,
  • Needs and fears,
    all related to location independence and what it means to you.

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