You have now finished this module. How did you find it? We hope you now feel closer to your goals of location independence.


Here is what you should have accomplished


  • Where you are going to take your first trip
  • When you are going to take it
  • Have a list of places that you are going to look for flights
  • Have a plan to where to look for rentals, or have signed up to a home exchange site
  • You will have posted your goals in the forum to help you achieve them
  • Make sure to saved completed tasks into a special folder
  • Sent across your current office picture
  • Completed the accountability questionnaire and submitted it for review
  • Filmed your ‘intentions’ video

We’d suggest you now move on the module on business. Some of you are already working for yourself, or pretty close to getting started. Now you need to figure out how to make your business a lot more flexible. Some of you will be right at the start, trying to figure out how you can use your skills and interests to earn a living wherever you please. We’ll cover exactly how to do all this in your next module, so look out for resources on keeping your clients while you travel, squeezing the most income out of your existing business, our $30k marketing bible and much more!

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