• Introduction to the Lifestyle
    The life you make
    Getting started isn’t always easy, but here is a quick reminder of what the journey you are embarking on could bring. Have a read and start to get inspired by the lifestyle you will choose (remember, there is no template, it’s all up to you!)
    [Read – 10 minutes]

    Location Audio
    Hannah welcomes you to the program and talks through her thoughts on the location for you. This was recorded from our ‘Thailand beach front office’ (Listen out for the monsoon storm which sets in half way through!)
    [Audio – 20 minutes]

    We would love to see photos of where you work now, and in a few months time of where you have set up your new office (for a while anyway!) We think it will be really powerful and help you put some faces to names in the forum.
    [Action – 10 minutes]
  • Destinations
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Accountability
  • Summary
  • Your video

For many of us, running our own businesses or considering doing it is a daunting prospect

Day to day there seem to be so many things that constantly need our attention.

The idea of adding another dimension to this i.e. taking the business ‘on the road’ and combining your workload with a holiday can just seem like something else for the ‘to do’ list. It can be too much to think about. So as appealing as it might seem, it gets put on the back burner to be attended to later, when things are easier, less busy, more stable.

As understandable as this feeling is, you probably won’t ever get to the stage where you sit back and think ‘ah, everything is in place. I am satisfied with my business. Now I can turn my attention to making it more location independent’. It doesn’t work like that. Chances are there will always be things to do, goals to achieve, diversions to steal your attention. That’s why it is important to start the wheels in motion now, so this starts to happen gradually, smoothly, almost without you knowing.

You have already taken the first (and one of the most difficult) steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle by deciding to join this programme. This is a big achievement because you have not only decided to make it a priority; you have taken ACTION to commit to it.

This action sets you on a path. This isn’t daunting or time consuming or scary. This is a good thing because it means you are going where you want to get to, and you are doing it with support.

It can be difficult to see how to get from a to b, hard to see past all the small steps. We are here to take that worry away, we handle everything you need to know and will support you so you just have to do the steps you need one at a time.
We’ve all had times when we’ve sought the guidance of someone who has already done something new to us to help us get there safely too.

Your trip, your lifestyle, your business are all up to you. You could:

  • Take a couple of months off every summer to relax and grow your business in Spain or France;
  • Focus on developing your personal or professional skills at workshops in the USA or Australia;
  • Head towards the equator for sunshine in the winter months, to enjoy a working breakfast on the terrace and afternoons by the pool;
  • Island hop and nurture new ideas around Greece;
  • Use school holidays to experience new horizons as a family;
  • Retreat to a villa to create a new product or write a book;
  • Tour the historical cities of Europe taking photographs;
  • Backpack through Asia;
  • Horse trek in the US, learn to dive in Thailand or ski in Austria.

The vision is yours. There is no template, just exactly what you want and need to be relaxed, fulfilled, inspired, healthy, happy and productive.

If you have hobbies or interests you can incorporate these. They may even influence your choice of destination.

Imagine a day where you do a few hours work in the morning before heading out to paint in Italy, ski in Canada, do yoga in India or wine tasting in France; where you get to use or learn different languages; where you make time to pause for coffee or to watch a sunset. When you step out of your normal life these types of activities are just as important as being sat at your desk.

Remember the aim of this sort of lifestyle is to achieve a better balance, it’s to reduce stress, bring simplicity to your life which is so much more difficult to accomplish at home. It reduces the number of responsibilities or concerns so your energy and attention can be focused on the important things i.e. doing activities which enrich your life, and focusing your creative energies into developing an effective business.
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