• Introduction to the Lifestyle
    The Life you Make
    Getting started isn’t always easy, but here is a quick reminder of what the journey you are embarking on could bring. Have a read and start to get inspired by the lifestyle you will choose (remember, there is no template, it’s all up to you!)
    [Read – 10 minutes]

    Location Audio
    Hannah welcomes you to the program and talks through her thoughts on the location for you. This was recorded from our ‘Thailand beach front office’ (Listen out for the monsoon storm which sets in half way through!)
    [Audio – 20 minutes]

    We would love to see photos of where you work now, and in a few months time of where you have set up your new office (for a while anyway!) We think it will be really powerful and help you put some faces to names in the forum.
    [Action – 10 minutes]
  • Destinations
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Accountability
  • Summary
  • Your video

Big pat on the back!

You are one of the few people ready to embrace a lifestyle where work and travel co-exist!


Recognising that that is possible is a massive first step.

Over the last 5 years we have found that most people absolutely don’t ‘get’ this idea. It is so ingrained that work is work and holidays are holidays that the thought of having a more flexible lifestyle where you can have elements of both for much of the time just doesn’t quite seem right. So enjoy this section where you get to start your journey to location independence.


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