Where I’m Going Questionnaire


To make progress on this 180 days journey we need to be clear about our direction. The final destination may change a little as we go along, but you need to have a rough idea ie know whether you are going to turn left or right out of your drive, pack warm or cold clothes, stay a week or a month.
So first things first, you need a plan. A goal. An end location.
This doesn’t have to be THE trip; it doesn’t have to be big or scary. It would just be really helpful to know you are working towards something– so that at the end of 6 months you have something to show for your participation in the program.
You may not be ready to say you are earning a substantial chunk of your income on line in that time; you may not be ready to fill a backpack and head off to Asia for 6 months; but you WILL be ready to go somewhere, and be doing work while you are there. You will have made A START.
What we urge you to do is to really commit to going somewhere in 6 months time. It is NOT a holiday, not a mini break. It is a working trip. Think of it as a creative retreat if you like. You need to train yourself to see going away as a benefit to your business, a facet of it, not an escape from it.
So here are some questions which should help get you started. By the way, for those of you more tied in terms of kids holidays or annual leave it doesn’t have to be exactly 6 months from now. Choose a time that suits you, but make a promise to yourself- and don’t leave it too long.




Well done! We are off the starting block now and you are underway!

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