• Understanding your business
  • Working with Clients
    How to target your audience and find your market
    Even for those of us in business it is easy to forget the basics and a useful exercise to pause and consider- who am I trying to reach? This resource will help you gain clarity on WHO your audience is.
    [Action – 1hr]

    – How to build a relationship with your ‘fans’ so they take the next step
    Building a list of folks interested in what you do is great, but you can help them better if you can encourage them to take the next step and invest with you. Here’s how.
    [Review – 40+ minutes]

    Change your screensaver/ desktop background
    Let’s keep our goals FRESH and dreams inspiring – remind yourself now by changing your screensaver! We know some of you already have very exotic images shining from your laptop but it’s time to shake it up. You can use a picture from your own collection or an image you’ve seen and loved- just make sure it’s something that will inspire you to stick to your lifestyle goals and keep moving forward every time you switch on to work.
    [Action – 5+ minutes]
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  • Accountability
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Relationship Builder Checklist

Think you have a good relationship with potential clients? Blogs, newsletters and websites aren’t quite hitting the mark? There is another way of staying in touch which most people aren’t making the most of;

  • Many of us make the mistake of looking for new leads and clients instead of recognising the people who have already expressed an interest in what we do. It’s time to start to cultivate meaningful relationships with our existing list, whatever size it is.
  • In terms of communication, EMAIL is a very trusted source. Your list will respond very differently to an email than they will to a sales page or webinar.
  • You can build exceptional rapport and gain genuine trust by adding excellent value in your email content.
  • The ground work will be in using emails to ‘condition’ your list to anticipate and open your messages.
  • Have a genuine intention of helping your followers and having their best interests at heart. This will translate to everything you do and write.
  • Use emails to establish your personality. Don’t try to be how you think you should be; write as yourself, the person they will get if they ever use your service and meet you in person.
  • Share stories, anecdotes, personal successes and muck ups. People prefer reading about ‘real’ people with lives and experiences they can relate to.
  • Encourage anticipation by giving great value, and hinting at ‘good stuff’ to come later e.g. ‘I want to share with you something important I learnt this week but don’t want to overload you right now. I’ll reveal all in my next email, I promise it will be worth the wait!’
  • Be open and authentic. Be honest about why you are writing i.e. ‘I want to keep in touch so I can point you in the direction of great quality resources, but also learn a little more about you and what you are looking for’.
  • Highlight the ‘specialness’ of the group i.e. this isn’t just an email list, they have opted in to this special email list for people who….
  • Establish the value of your content by drip feeding it i.e. you aren’t just on a ‘list’. You have opted in to this special email list for people who….’
  • Offer info as ‘teasers’ or ‘previews’. This should be represented as sharing valuable info, but it should also get their interest and curiosity aroused.
  • Eventually you will make an offer but it will come more from the position of you as a trusted advisor than you trying to sell them something. You will reference products and services as helpful solutions, in the same way a trusted colleague or acquaintance might put you onto something special.
  • Plan your email sequence out in advance. There should be a story or theme running behind it, a purpose why you are emailing. The main purpose for you is to build rapport and provide value.
  • The story should be structured by setting the stage, highlighting problems, providing anecdotes, build up the tension, and eventually provide the all singing and dancing solution.
  • Watch soap operas and films to see how they structure their story i.e. building anticipation, using cliff hangers, creating a satisfying conclusion.
  • Use each email to set the stage to the next one to encourage the reader to ‘tune in’ i.e. by leaving some stones unturned and loose ends which need tying up.
  • Think about the emails you look forward to receiving and regularly open. What is it about them that hooks your attention? What do you like hearing about? Try to make your emails feel like ‘an instalment’ i.e. someone will tune in to see what their favourite ‘character’ has to say!
  • Show your empathy for the position of your clients. Talk about the obstacles they are facing, adding stories to demonstrate that they can be overcome.
  • Use your emails to overcome objections. You can include case studies or examples. You can write about obstacles and solutions to overcome them. Split this over a couple of emails to build anticipation for the solution after the reader has really connected with the problem.
  • Remember to stick to your story theme i.e. getting more traffic to a site, finding more meaning in your career etc. Your email sequence will address problems with this, provide solutions, and be personally relate-able.
  • Give free content but eventually introduce the paid solution- the easy way, or the done for you option, or the condensed version, or guidance to apply the inside strategy etc.
  • Remember to focus on the results, not the details of the service/ product you are offering.
  • Be very clear in all your communications i.e. why are you writing, what’s in it for them, how are you an expert. You can be subtle i.e. using stories and anecdotes, but always be clear in your own mind what your purpose is so this will translate to your audience.
  • When you have established a strong relationship with your audience you can put affiliate offers in front of them- only products which you truly believe will be of benefit. Don’t damage your integrity or the relationship by recommending things you aren’t sure of.


So on that note…..

This checklist covers the basic principles of in Andre Chaperon’s excellent email course ‘Auto-Responder Madness’. The course delivers some very advanced strategies for generating sales from often very small lists. The way the course is structured is VERY clever; Andre teaches the techniques whilst simultaneously demonstrating them by the way he structures his email sequences. He presents it in a way that makes it seem simple, but its only when you review your notes and start to implement you will realise his skill in making something quite in depth and complex so accessible.
His email persona is pretty ‘colourful!’ But he makes his points in easily digestible daily email chunks with weekly summaries to help you get you head round how to start to apply his ideas in your business.
This product might work well for you if you have people on your list who would benefit from your help but who haven’t felt sufficiently compelled to take the step and become a customer yet.

Case study
We used his ‘product launch sequence’ strategy with one of our least responsive lists and generated around £900. Not everyone liked the new ‘style’ of communicating (they thought it was too informal and the format of using short, easily digestible sentences was too stilted). But on the plus side we had never got feedback on one of our email campaigns before! And it definitely proved popular for some. This launch wasn’t done on the back of a ‘relationship builder’ initial campaign, it was a one off sequence as we needed to generate some cash quickly (and get the product shipped before we left on a trip). With more time to do some of the relationship building ground work the results could have been much better.

Getting started
You can use this link which is an affiliate link to Andre’s product where we make commission on the sale:
Or if you prefer, you can use this link where we don’t. Either way, the high recommendation for this product stands!

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