• Understanding your business
  • Working with clients

    How to target your audience and get them to buy
    Even for those of us in business it is easy to forget the basics and a useful exercise to pause and consider- who am I trying to reach? This resource will help you gain clarity on WHO your audience is.
    [Action – 1hr]

    How to build a relationship with your ‘fans’ so they take the next step
    Building a list of folks interested in what you do is great, but you can help them better if you can encourage them to take the next step and invest with you. Here’s how.
    [Review – 40+ minutes]

    Change your screensaver/ desktop background
    Let’s keep our goals FRESH and dreams inspiring – remind yourself now by changing your screensaver! We know some of you already have very exotic images shining from your laptop but it’s time to shake it up. You can use a picture from your own collection or an image you’ve seen and loved- just make sure it’s something that will inspire you to stick to your lifestyle goals and keep moving forward every time you switch on to work.
    [Action – 5+ minutes]
  • Taking your work on the road
  • Improving your business
  • Accountability
  • Summary
  • Your video
  • Strategy Session

Your Client Relationship

One of the greatest concerns for people like you wanting to build more freedom into how they earn a living is how this will affect their clients. This section starts the process of making sure the transition is super smooth by exploring who they are and how you currently work with them.

Once you have those excellent relationships with your clients they will remain YOUR clients for life.


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