• Understanding your business
  • Working with clients
  • Taking your work on the road
    Keeping clients while you travel
    Find out how to re-design your business so your clients remain happy while you are location independent. With this resource you may not agree with all our points, it will be interesting to hear your views in the forum.
    [Review and Action – 1hr]

    – The 5 pillars of location independent business
    Are you covering each of these 5 key areas?
    [Read – 20 minutes]

    Taking the business with you and making it pay
    Hannah talks you through how to take your business on the road.
    [Audio – 40+ minutes]

    – Coming Soon! Opening the door to passive income
    Passive income is the holy grail- doing the work once and having it pay you again and again. As much as most people like the idea of adding this income stream to their business they lack confidence in being able to get it off the ground. In this audio we talk you through how we developed the passive income streams which form the foundation of our business, and provide plenty of tips on how you can do the same.
  • Improving your business
  • Accountability
  • Summary
  • Your video
  • Strategy Session

The foundations of your Business



Our best piece of advice

1. Networking
Get tweeting! Twitter followers click on blogs and articles and can eventually sign up to your list. The earlier you start to build a following the better. Even if you don’t have an offer or service you will have useful content and ideas to catch your market’s attention.
Put the ‘social’ back into social media! Attend meet ups (or tweet ups) of people in your field; find people doing the same as you and make contact- just to say hello and to help as much as looking to receive. The more effort you create genuine, helpful and supportive networks, the further your reach will extend.
2. Exposure
Have a good looking, easy to navigate website. It doesn’t have to have too much ‘stuff’ on it, just needs to explain what problems you can resolve and clear direction of next steps. Check out this advice
Blogging and article writing can suck up a lot of time. Good news is, 500 words is usually enough and you can auto-tweet existing articles with new titles to increase their shelf life. Write about things that your audience care about; make it an easy read; make sure your blog titles are ‘hooky’ enough to spark their interest; include a clear pathway and link back to your sign up page at the bottom. There are lots of great tips here
3. Marketing
Are you advertising online?

Google ads work best when you are targeting a specific keyword, while Facebook ads are great if you are targeting a group of people that all have something in common (e.g. they are all fans of cupcakes or all work for Sony). In our experience, the cost of this type of advertising can get out of control so remember to set the amount you are willing to pay per day. Both options will get you extra traffic but it does not mean people will buy your product.

If you would like us to produce and in depth guide to online advertising then let us know in the forum.

4. Relationships
See the ‘Easy Relationship Builder Checklist’
5. Solutions
Test what your audience wants with pre-launches. Advertise the sale at a special ‘pre-order’ price. When you have enough sales to make it viable to create the product, and then you can start the hard work! It’s a practical approach to saving time and figuring out what solutions compel people to take action.

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