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    The top 5 high leverage SEO strategies
    This audio is a very special master-class on SEO (search engine optimisation) brought to you by Chris and a friend of his, Jeff Pecaro. Jeff is an SEO expert based in the US who has had some impressive successes. He’s got some fascinating insights to share with you.
    [Audio – 25+ minutes]

    – *NEW!* The $30,000 marketing bible
    Over 5 years of learning about marketing, small business, consulting and intent sales Hannah has been keeping a very precious note book to record all her learning. She has invested in conferences, workshops and private mentoring with the big names in on and off line marketing, and recently worked out that she has probably spent about $30000 in the process! Here is Part 1 of the overview of what she has learned.
    [Read & Review – 50+ minutes]

    How to exploit small niches hidden on your existing website
    Chris talks you through an example of how we turned a surprise increase of traffic to regularly selling product These micros niches hidden in your site can be a real goldmine and this short overview will give you some food for thought.
    [Video – 20 minutes]

    *NEW* Our top 3 biggest failures
    Everyone shares all the good stuff but what about all the projects that flopped, plans that failed and bright ideas that were dead in the water? Here we share our biggest disasters- and some of the silver linings we found along the way
    [Audio – 30+ minutes]

    Bonus! Cody Mckibben and his students interview us!
    Cody McKibben from and delves deep into how we started our business. Cody is a bit of a superstar of location independence having worked with some of the very biggest names in the field. So we were delighted to be asked to join him on this call.
    [Audio – 25 minutes]
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*NEW!* The $30,000 Marketing Bible


This bonus is so big we had to put it into a PDF as it would not fit into 1 web page! Part 1 contains vital marketing knowledge on-

  • How to take action;
  • Autoresponders;
  • How to seal the sale with a bonus;
  • Closing that sale;
  • Supply and Demand;
  • How to become the expert;

You can download the first part of the marketing bible by clicking the button below-


When we have received your feedback in the forum we will release part 2!

If you have any problems opening the PDF, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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