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Welcome to Module 2!


Welcome to your business module. As different as each of your businesses will look there are some fundamentals which are going to mean the difference between being stuck in an office or exploring more of the world.


Objectives for this module:


  1. Turn your unique skills into profits- evaluate what you can do and for whom
  2. Make sure you are up to date on understanding your business as it is now (and not what it looked like a year or more ago!)
  3. Start to apply our implementable strategies for working out who needs you and how to encourage them to buy!
  4. Get your plans in place for how to maintain close client relationships while you travel the world
  5. Work out what’s wrong with your business; instant improvement strategies to take your business out of the office and making money as you travel
  6. Find out some of the tricks to creating passive income
  7. Learn how to encourage your ‘fans’ to become customers
  8. Health check your business and identify which mistakes might be costing you the most
  9. Give some thought to the opportunity for some mentoring from us; you might be at the right stage to benefit from some outside focus on what you and your business need to do next


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