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Is this the huge change to finally end our location independent lifestyle?

Although it feels like our location independent lifestyle has been on hold, looking back over the year it hasn’t at all. Since January we’ve explored more of Spain, hopped to Ibiza for a review trip…

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Should digital nomads have kids?

I’ve got time to ponder this question sat in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. I do have a child. I also have a kind mother-in-law who lets me have a lie in and brings…

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Seven years of digital nomad life, but now I’m scared.…

We get lots of lovely feedback letting us know that people think we are free-spirited or adventurous. We’ve spent 7 years taking our business on the road to wherever grabs us, including Nicaragua, Thailand, Mexico…

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Does having a baby spell the death of creativity?

Aah, having a baby- the ultimate expression of creativity. Apparently this humble endeavour can also sap all your creative spirit as well. Or maybe that’s just me. Am I now an entrepreneur without vision or…

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Yay- a post baby Location Independent trip!

It’s been ages since our last blog post (why did no one mention how demanding that baby of ours was going to be??) Luckily our location independent shenanigans have not been entirely curtailed….
This spring…

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Our history- not quite in a nutshell

I recently read a great post by the chaps over at Making it Anywhere. The result was twofold. First I thought ‘wow, how well are they doing?!’ And a short space of time later ‘shit,…

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Acknowledging the good stuff

I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing (I am British after all) or it’s a personality thing (I’ve been accused of preferring to merge with the wallpaper than make a fuss) but I was in two minds whether to write this post. But I decided to, one, because I think, despite my natural aversion, it’s positive to acknowledge achievements…

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Time to say goodbye…

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been struggling with ‘blog inertia’. Probably understandable given the combination of a new baby and not travelling. But it’s more than that, and it’s taken a while to figure it out. I haven’t been writing because I’m not sure what my identity is anymore. And more importantly, how it fits with Love Play Work.

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Our unexpected arrival

This one is personal update; it’s been quite a while since we’ve written a blog post but if you follow us on Facebook you’ll probably have a good idea why!

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