Is it time to go home?

The last 2 weeks have been a disaster. In terms of a location independent lifestyle that is.

After 8 months of our small family of 3 contentedly living in Spain, we returned to the UK to attend two big weddings- one a key member of our team, the lovely Sarah, the other my smart and funny nephew.


So what went wrong?


Well, we had a really lovely time. Eve hung out with cousins, aunties, little buddies and adoring grandparents. We had play dates, gym classes, picnics and dancing. I immersed myself in a continuous whirl of meet ups with friends I’ve had forever and ones I made as a mum but feel like I’ve known for a lifetime. I spent time with all 6 of my siblings which doesn’t happen often. Basically, the visit has been crammed with all the stuff I don’t get to do when we live anywhere other than the UK. And the stuff that makes me wonder- is it time to settle down ‘back home’?


I know life wouldn’t be like that all the time. But it would be an awful lot more like that than it is when we live overseas. Or would it? Or do we just need to put more time into Spain, more focus on building friendships that grow and last in a new place? This dilemma isn’t new, but in the past I’ve got round it by flitting from continent to continent in roughly 6 month cycles. Our time has run out on that kind of living now; it can work with a baby but our little one is coming up for two. We don’t need to stop travelling completely, but we need to start preparing for much longer pauses as we start to think about how we’d like her to be educated and socialised.

When you’re location independent you have the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with the wider world, getting to ‘feel’ different countries rather than just taking a quick glance. But is this at the expense of relationship you can have with the people you live amongst?

I’m sure this is a question that puts the brakes on many a fine plan to explore the world indefinitely, and a huge part doesn’t want that to limit me. But what if family and friends are more important to a child growing up than multiple language skills and the ability to adapt to different cultures?


And what about Chris, where does he fit into all this?



His vote is for Spain. He knows it’s not summer in the UK all the time. He likes the cheap beer, the open skies, the warmth; in that order apparently.

I usually have a pretty good vision of what the next couple of years is going to look like for us. It’s disconcerting to not have that, because how can you create a reality from something you can’t imagine?

For once, the choices offer an even split. The pros and cons lists say one thing, my heart something else. And I know my heart isn’t always a reliable source for decision-making! So who knows what we will do….


Are relationships enough to derail your location independent dreams?


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