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Do you want to be a travel writer?!

Things are going from strength to strength over at LuxuryandBoutiqueHotels.com and we now have a list of hotels who would like us to review them. The problem is (and there’s no doubt, this is a happy problem!) this demand outstrips the number of reviewers we can currently supply.

So we’re looking for travel writers to join our team.


What would you have to do?


The role involves contacting hotels which fit the brand (a browse round the site will give you an idea what fits and what doesn’t), arranging your stay, taking photos while you are there, writing a short, honest review on your experience, submitting a ‘travel guide’ (article) for anything of note you have done in the area and then uploading your work onto our website for editing.


How we help


We provide full details of how to build relationships with hotels and brands (including sample emails) an easy to use system to upload your photos and reviews, leads of hotels which are looking for reviewers and any support you need along the way from Chris and myself. We’ve also got a Facebook group where you can connect with other reviewers, find out where they are, ask for advice from more experienced members of the team, share experiences and even arrange meet ups.


The downsides?


You’ll need to pay for your own travel, which is why it works well if you have a trip lined up, do regular jaunts or live a location independent lifestyle, so your reviews can fit in with your existing plans. At the moment we don’t accept paid advertising to the site. This means we can write unbiased reviews and our audience knows they can trust us with their vacation choices. However, we do request a contribution of $100 US a year from our reviewers, which we re-invest to continually improve the site’s reach and visibility, and ensure we keep appealing to great quality hotels. You’ll make this back in hotel stays within a month if you choose to start arranging trips straight away.


Might you be a good fit?


This opportunity could work really well for you if you love writing but maybe haven’t quite figured out your career direction or got your career off the ground yet. But if you’re an established blogger, that’s fabulous too, we’d definitely be keen for you to mention your new role to your audience!

Some of our team applied to join up because they were looking for ways to increase their online writing profile; some because they had a BIG trip coming up and knew they could fit a few hotel reviews into their itinerary; others just love to travel, get a buzz from taking great photos, and are willing to share their experiences in our ‘travel guides’ section.

The application process (which sounds a bit formal but really isn’t!) is that you need is to submit an example of your writing to us (or if you have a blog you can direct us to that, otherwise whatever you have really. If you don’t have anything, let us know and we’ll send you some suggestions). Also email us with a bit about yourself to [email protected].

We’re looking for people who will represent our website and brand perfectly so it would be great if you can tell us about something you have done which shows your proactive, friendly and professional style!


What one reviewer thinks


Jess is the latest addition to her team, along with her partner Sean. I asked her if she had anything to say which I could include in this piece;

‘I was looking for a new travel blog to be obsessed with when I stumbled across loveplaywork.com and I saw Hannah was looking for a writer to review hotel stays. They had already found their writer a while back but I thought hey why not ask nevertheless? A few months later and we have 4 hotels booked so far for our 4 month European backpacking trip! The members’ area is so helpful with sections for pitching tips, guidance on writing your reviews and uploading a review is straightforward. To be honest, pitching to hotels has been an easy, delightful experience and has been 100% positive from the start. I’ve made good connections for future stays, bagged freebies from tourism boards (which is also an option), and been given added extras like free breakfast and free drinks.

We have 2 hotels lined up in Iceland and 2 in Berlin with more to come this year. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and advice from Hannah and Chris through the members’ area of the website. The popularity of Luxury and Boutique Hotels has been evident by the number of hotels we pitched to that have been extremely keen to be featured. The list keeps on growing and we can’t wait to review them all!’


Where next?


Recent reviews have included stays in Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Thailand and the US. Over the next couple of months just four of our team will be covering reviews in an eclectic mix of places including Ibiza, France, Vancouver, England, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Dubai (and possibly Cuba and Burma)!


Where would you like your first review to be?


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