Time to say goodbye…

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been struggling with ‘blog inertia’. Probably understandable given the combination of a new baby and not travelling much lately. But it’s more than that, and it’s taken me a while to figure it out. I haven’t been writing because I’m not sure what my identity is anymore. Or, how the changes in my life fit with Love Play Work.


When is self-interest also a reader’s interest?


We’ve loved building a friendly community of like-minded readers who keep an eye on the developments we share related to travel, business and location independence. But now we have a huge new development that’s turned everything upside down. So we want to write about it. But that’s not always what makes a decent blog, is it?

It’s not that we have any intention of blogging about the rainbow colours of our daughter’s nappies or when oh when will the night feeds stop? But our priorities and perspective have shifted and I can’t pretend they haven’t, even though for a while I thought we should try.

Our new challenge!

So I’ve reached the conclusion that if a change in focus means that some of you go elsewhere for a boost of travel inspiration or tips on digital nomad life (that’s was a hard sentence, what does our blog do??!) then that’s a natural progression. Everyone’s lives evolve, after all that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Even Nomadic Matt had hung up his rucksack and settled down for a while last we heard!


Location independence- a scary new chapter


So it may be time to say goodbye to some of you. There are plenty of new and possibly much more exciting digital nomads blazing their own trails. But for those of you interested in the challenges and dilemmas that face us as a location independent family of three (e.g. Is it fair to take a baby overseas? How do we deal with family disapproval over our ‘selfish’ plans to keep travelling? How do we travel across a continent with a baby who has a mountain of equipment but screams every time we put her in the car? Where does the money come from when our workforce of two has been decimated? Where’s a good place to spend 3 months in Europe in winter? Can we maintain a location independent mindset when our values are so different from everyone around us? Will ‘normal’ life, comfort and security get the better of us?) then we would love to share that with you.


Trying to still live outside of the ‘one size fits all’


After 6 years of living where we like, travelling when we like, and believing without question in our (and your) ability to create the life we want instead of accepting the standard issued, it feels like we are starting all over again. Except this time, what we do will shape, guide and influence the most important person to us in the world. We’d like it if you, with your feedback, comments, input and questions end up being a part of that.

Our travel adventure will continue!


Is your life evolving? Will that mean leaving anyone behind?


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7 Responses to “Time to say goodbye…”

  1. If there is one thing I know after many years of being in the travel, and blogging, world, it’s that evolution is inevitable. Every single person I have met is not doing the same thing, or living the same way, as they were in the beginning. Whether it’s a change in perspective or a physical change (such as a beautiful new baby!) we all evolve and change and so does our travel, and our writing. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about how this all changes for you! Good luck!
    Gillian recently posted..Go Deeper! 5 History Books To Dive Into

  2. I love the sound of the new direction. As Gillian above said, everyone evolves. You have to go with the natural flow of life. There is no point in resisting the next natural step, just because you feel you might be losing readers. I’m sure you will gain lots of new ones though.
    Your daughter is so cute! Congrats and best of luck in the next stage of your blog and business! :)
    Steph | DiscoveringIce.com recently posted..Photo of the Week: Diwali Celebrations in New Delhi, India

  3. Evolving and new chapters is what life is all about!
    Look forward to hearing your next steps, she is a gorgeous bundle of joy to focus on now! :D

  4. You wouldn’t be the first traveller to evolve from footloose and fancy free to family friendly travel and all the challenges that accompany that journey! As long as you stay true to yourself and are doing what truly makes you happy and write from your heart, your experiences will still help and inspire others. Sure you may lose a few readers but there will always be like-minded people to connect with :) I’m not at that stage if my life yet, but sometimes I read about others challenges as they forge on ahead of me (especially people who I have a prior connection with). I count it as mental prep/research.

    Good luck with your beautiful new challenge!!!
    Kate recently posted..Top casinos to visit when travelling New Zealand

  5. I only just found your blog but wanted to say that evolution is completely normal. A nomadic life doesn’t seem to be lifelong sustainable as every person grows and changes thus priorities shift. I’ve saw this happen with many other bloggers I follow. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Check out the Dennings blog (discovershareinspire.com) if you haven’t already. They have traveled with kids (6 I believe) and may be able to address a lot of your questions and concerns about traveling with your daughter.

    Good luck to you on your new adventure!

    • Kristy
    • Reply
  6. I was so worried when I read the title of this blog post – I thought “oh no!”
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts in the past. Even though I’m not as much of a globetrotter as the two of you have been (OK – make that simply “not a globetrotter”, as the furthest I seem to get is my local cafe!), that hasn’t stopped me from being interested in what you’re up to, and learning from you.
    I don’t have a baby – I don’t even have grown-up children – but your current dilemma of whether or not to keep travelling, as a family, is just as interesting. And I’m sure there will be a lot of new parents who are in a similar position to you. I know that, when I was younger and thought of having a family, I always wanted to be able to give the children the benefit of seeing the world – it’s not selfish to want to do that. Quite the opposite. What better education can a child have, than to experience the variety and splendour of the world?
    I do hope you’ll keep writing…
    Julia x
    Julia Barnickle recently posted..The Power Of Quiet In Collaboration

  7. I thought you were giving up blogging too. Agree with the other commenters that evolution seems to happen to everyone who is doing the location independent life!
    Jeff recently posted..The 30 Most Essential Words to Know in a Foreign Language


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