Our unexpected arrival

This one is personal update; it’s been quite a while since we’ve written a blog post but if you follow us on Facebook you’ll probably have a good idea why!

Five weeks ago our baby daughter arrived very unexpectedly a shocking 7 weeks early. After my water broke the doctors spent several days holding off the labour to give baby’s lungs a chance to get up to speed. After 4 days she had had enough of waiting. Despite being in hospital already the nursing staff didn’t actually realise I was in labour until the baby was nearly here! There was mild panic as I was whisked up to the delivery ward and Chris was frantically phoned. Luckily he was already en route as, unusually, he hadn’t heard from me all day (the only time I’ve ever been too preoccupied to reply to emails!) So Chris was there to support me wonderfully as I brought Eve Florence into the world.


Learning to accept for once!


Our local hospital had been maxed out so we’d had to be transferred across county by ambulance for two hours to ensure Eve would have access to an incubator. The distance from home wasn’t too bad for me (I’m used to it!) although not great for Chris who was travelling 3 hours every day to visit. For someone who has built a life around being able to go where I like when I like, I was in a curious situation. I knew I was in the best place for all of us, and although I probably didn’t have the capacity to be anywhere else, I really didn’t want to be there. We had no control over outcomes or decisions- we simply had to wait see. I was surprised at my own acceptance, after all, it’s the opposite of this which has helped us created a location Independent lifestyle. Gradually it began to feel strangely comforting to be in someone else’s hands.

Dreaming of her first international trip…


Passports for 3


Now we are home we are settling into being a 3 and loving the beginnings of our new family life. Although I hadn’t planned to, I’m taking maternity leave and Chris is holding the business fort. Not everything has changed though; last week we travelled back to Eve’s place of birth so we could get her birth certificate more quickly so we can get her passport underway! We are toying with the idea of taking a trip somewhere next month and she has already been to London for a weekend.


Everything offers learning


As for me, I’m excited about what I can learn from Eve as we figure things out together. Giving birth taught me that just because you don’t think you can do something doesn’t make it true. It also taught me a lot about trust- that sometimes all you can do is believe that it will all be ok. For us, with our strong, healthy, tiny girl, it couldn’t have worked out better.

and get to swim with turtles!


Our Location Independent future


And what about our location independence? Well, as much as I am loving my new role, I doubt work will be off my radar for long. I was finishing a project while I was in early labour and I’m pretty sure not many other ladies can say they had their laptop with them in the delivery room! As for travel destinations, let’s just say that now I’m feeling more myself again I’m keeping an open mind- after all, summer in the UK won’t last forever…


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8 Responses to “Our unexpected arrival”

  1. Congratulations again guys! It’s funny where our lessons come from – glad you’re doing so well and enjoying being 3!!
    Gillian @GlobalBookshelf recently posted..Inspired Journeys

  2. Aww congratulations you two! you’re going to make brilliant parents, learning alongside your beautiful little girl!
    Kate – CanuckiwiKate recently posted..Free Things to do: Beautiful Day Walks in Jasper

  3. I know I keep saying it but she is so beautiful! No doubt her passport will be full before she is two!

  4. Wow, what a story! Congratulations you three, I wish for many many great travel experiences for your baby girl :-)
    Lindy recently posted..Why on earth didn’t we go here before?

  5. Congratulations. Haven’t followed you for a while so this was an unexpected arrival indeed. We chatted for a little while in a Digital Nomad Academy mentorship call with Cody McKibben.

    I’m curious to know what your travel/nomad plans are. Or has family life satisfied your travel hunger?

    • Hey Andre! Last time we were in contact Chris and I were in Thailand, where we did that call with Cody. Are you still in DNA? How are your location independent plans coming along?

      Family life did put things on hold for us temporarily. We returned from a RTW trip when I was pregnant and from there all i wanted to do was lie on the sofa- I couldn’t imagine travelling any more. But once little one was born, and we had a few months to acclimatise we realised nothing had really changed. We were still the same, we just had an extra person to consider! So far this year we’ve spent a couple of months in Italy and just now we are gearing up to live in Spain for a while. If its in you to live differently that’s not going to change, you just need to adapt around your new circumstances.
      Is there a particular reason for the question?!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
      • Thanks for your reply. In the meantime I broke loose from Gran Canaria, travelled to Thailand and Central America, so you could call me a bit of a digital nomad now! I am happy to take a little break from travelling now.

        The reason for my question was “Made in Mexico”. I’m probably not the only future dad who’s worried about compromising his freedom, so it’s great to hear that we won’t have to. Actually, “nomading” with kids must be so enriching to them!

        • Woohoo- congrats! Sounds like you’ve got plenty of great stuff in your life. You don’t have to give up anything when you have kids (well, except maybe sleep!) but you gain loads. I think sometimes its easy to use ‘responsibilities’ as an excuse for not pursuing the things you thought you always wanted but never quite got round to…With your track record it doesn’t sound like you’ll be letting that happen!

          • Hannah and Chris
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