Has anything changed since WDS 2012?

As thousands of you flock with optimism and excitement to join the shenanigans of the World Domination Summit (WDS) this weekend, I wonder about the people who aren’t going back this year, or those who are, but with an uneasy sense that they haven’t really made much more progress towards their goals since last year.

We all attend these sorts of events with a strong sense of enthusiasm and purpose, willing to share our dreams, support each other and consume the bucket loads of inspiration we need to sustain us towards our better futures. So why don’t more people turn that inspiration into reality? What’s working behind the scenes to anchor you to your current spot?


  • 1. You don’t really think it is possible

    Beliefs are tricky to alter- saying you believe something doesn’t make it feel true deep down. If you doubt that it would really be possible for you then your choices and actions are likely to be congruent with that.

    Spending time (virtually or physically) around people who know it can be done may help shift that inner compass, which is one of the reasons why attending events is so popular (and such a good idea!)


  • 2. You want it, but not enough

    It’s understandable to have conflicting priorities- Chris and I juggle ours all the time, which is why we spend some of the year overseas and some in the UK. There are times when we feel like we’d like to have more roots, build stronger networks in one place, maybe even have a bigger house we can fill with pretty things. But when we start to properly consider it we realise the pull towards immersing ourselves in different cultures, having a more ‘outdoor’ lifestyle and seeing new natural environments is stronger.

    Take some time to think about your real priorities- you will be acting according to them in one way or another already. If they are more conscious you can start committing to them more fully.

  • Is this your dream?


  • 3. Some people will never do it; they just like the dream

    Someone told us once that some people just like to dream and will never take the action necessary to meet their potential. I struggled to get my head round this – if you dream about it then why not do it? If you have it in you, why not step up? Why stop short of having the things in your life that you deserve? But I know I’m not the first well-meaning person to learn the hard way that you can’t help people who don’t really want things to change.

    It’s quite confronting to reflect on this, but give it some thought; deep down, which sort of person do you think you are?


  • 4. Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy

    You may not particularly like what you have now but at least it’s familiar and you know what to expect. Change is hard. It doesn’t always work out first time so you need to have the courage to take risks and the strength to persevere. All that is a lot of effort, and sometimes, however glittering the end prize, it can seem too far away to keep taking the thousands of steps needed to get to it.

    The trick is in enjoying taking the steps, embracing the challenge and pausing to feel pride in the different wins you do achieve. Even if you are still miles from the finish line, you aren’t right at the beginning still either. (Plus there is the argument that even if it looks to others like you are at the finish line, you never feel yourself like you are anywhere close!)


  • 5. Is it partly down to luck?

    It’s easy to blame a lack of success on a lack of luck. But one way of looking at it is that luck is in seeing opportunities and grabbing them instead of having them pass by. Sometimes I think its luck that Chris and I have the mix of skills which allow us to run on and off-line businesses. But then I think back to when we had jobs and what we studied at uni and there is surprisingly little of any of that in what we do now. Every week we hear from people who are stuck in jobs they dislike and a life they don’t want. And yet they have so much potential at their finger tips, if they were just ‘lucky’ enough to be able to see it.

    Look for possible routes out of where you are now. Brainstorm the realistic to the ridiculous. Try to switch off the part of your brain which dismisses ideas before they take shape so you can see how many possibilities there are. That’s a great first step.

We’ve got one more key reason, but the last one is a biggie and deserves a post all of its own. See you next week!

Have you got stuck on any of these in the last year?


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One Response to “Has anything changed since WDS 2012?”

  1. Well, number three is influenced a lot by number four…some people just don’t like to change or feel uncomfortable. There’s quite a bit of discomfort in changing your lifestyle. Great points. I hope to make it to WDS in ’14.
    Tim Moon | Adventure Strong recently posted..Hiking in Korea: Chilbosan (칠보산)


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