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16 ways to Spring-Clean your WordPress Website

The weather is turning fractionally warmer here in the northern hemisphere- so what better time than to re-vamp a website!

So what is useful to look at? Here are the top 16 actions we’ve been implementing on our sites lately.

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The 7 ways your ‘on-line’ venture may be doomed to fail

Read this and then be honest with yourself; is any of it sounding horribly familiar? (If it helps we’ve spent 6 years making and learning from these mistakes!)

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Getting sick while travelling doesn’t have to be a headache!

For some people a concern about long term travel is health. What if I get sick while I’m away? How will I cope? Here are a few of our experiences and pointers which may put your mind at rest. (Or just make you wonder how we can be so sickly…!)

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