We haven’t done a blog…here’s why!

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Falling out in Bangkok!


We haven’t written a standard blog this week. Chris and I have been having some (ahem!) ‘discussions’ and have some differences with regard to future direction for loveplaywork. One thing we do agree on though is that getting your input is the only way to move forward.

Could you help us out with a few questions? Naturally your answers will help prove either a) me or b) Chris right which is always healthy for any relationship, hehe.

And in return for taking a few minutes out for us (even if it was only from cat videos or facebook!) we’ll randomly select someone to receive a £25 (around $40) iTunes voucher.

So here’s what we were wondering:



Thanks for helping us out!

*We will announce the winner of the iTunes vouchers on our Facebook page next week, so make sure you like us to stay up to date!*

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  1. Oh crap… I just answered the whole thing via e-mail haha sorry, hope you get the answers guys!

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Productivity Hack: The Lockdown Method

    • It’s no problem Sergio, thanks for taking the time to answer them. Cheers!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply

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