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Location Independence – make it fit your life

easy route

Are you missing the easy route?


Deciding to change the way you live your life and earn a living is one thing; deciding exactly how to do it can be another. Here are just a few of the routes other travel minded folks have chosen (all these examples are real people although we may have changed their names)

Location independence case studies


  • Francois spends 3 months of the year teaching kite surfing in the Philippines. For another three months he teaches skiing in the French Alps. The rest of the time he spends travelling around Asia sourcing small pieces of furniture which he sells on Ebay.

  • Gina teaches adult education classes at universities in the USA during term time. She travels extensively for the rest of the year and has a range of e-products to support her teaching which deliver passive income.

  • Karen runs a successful coaching business in the UK but spends several weeks in her apartment in coastal Spain. From here she can take a break from ‘hands-on’ coaching and focus on pushing the business to the next level.

  • Michelle and her partner relocate to rent a home in a new country every 6 months or so with their two young children. They run a thriving online Virtual Assistant consultancy.

  • Matt worked really hard a few years ago and set up some websites which now provide him an income on remote control. He tests out new ideas when he feels inspired, but day to day he has an income which can sustain a modest lifestyle in Asia. He just completed a spiritual retreat in Nepal and plans to stay there for another 4 months

    easy route

    Matt is a great example of coming up with a concept that works and repeating it


  • Jo runs a website design business where she is able to relocate for a month at a time. She splits her time between her home country (Germany) and any other place with a decent internet connection.

  • Neil moved to Bangkok from the UK after travelling for 6 months. He got a job in IT but after 2 years started to work on an SEO business on the side. Working only evenings and weekends he set a target of how many clients he needed before he could quit his job. After 8 months he achieved this and felt confident enough to leave his job and focus on his business 100%. He is now working on increasing his clients so he can travel round more of Asia.

  • Chris and Jenny decided to sell up and travel round Europe for 6 months. During this time they worked on finding online work on the side using the skills they had from their previous jobs. From these small projects they gained enough income to not only keep travelling but to start involving a Virtual Assistant to complete some of the work for them. They are now back in the US still running their business and planning their next adventure

  • Here at Loveplaywork we run an assessment and development consultancy in the UK so we spend up to 3-6 months at a time having meetings and setting up projects there. Then we relocate overseas to do the design work and have associates to run our UK based training courses for us. We also have online businesses which we find we can develop more easily without the distractions of home and which provide a steady passive income stream. This way of working allows us to travel wherever we like in the world for at least 6 months a year. We are currently working on 2 new business ideas which will go live soon!

friends nepal

Wherever you travel, you will meet some great people


Do you need an outside perspective?

There are millions of options for a more flexible lifestyle but the one that works for you probably won’t look like anyone else’s. It can be useful to see how other people have achieved the things you want, but in all likelihood the first footsteps down your chosen path will be your own.

It’s not always easy to figure all the answers out on your own. In the same way that it’s far easier to see the whole rainbow from a clear distance, sometimes you’ll need the help of someone with a different perspective from yours.

Ask for advice from someone who has a limited understanding of location independence and they’ll likely send you straight to the nearest employment office! Ask someone who knows you too well and their opinion may also be clouded by who they think you are, not what you are ready to become. Present your whole story, including what you have done, what you want to do, what you are good at, who you want to help and how you want to live to someone who has done it and who has a talent for putting the pieces together and between you, you’ll find those exciting and inspiring next steps you have been looking for.


How will your dream lifestyle look?


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One Response to “Location Independence – make it fit your life”

  1. Great post! I’ve been writing about this lately too; there’s no one *right* way to be location independent, and sharing examples of how different people do it really helps people see the possibilities.
    Amy Scott recently posted..How Much Money Do You Need for Your Ideal Lifestyle?


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