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We haven’t done a blog…here’s why!

We haven’t written a standard blog this week. Chris and I have been having some (ahem!) ‘discussions’ and have some differences with regard to future direction for LovePlayWork.

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Location Independence – make it fit your life

Deciding to change the way you live your life and earn a living is one thing; deciding exactly how to do it can be another. This blog shows just a few of the routes other travel minded folks have chosen

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The answer to your 7 biggest location independent problems

As we get back to work after a whistle stop trip to the 40 degree heat of Melbourne, a jaunt up to Queensland to cuddle a koala and an activity packed visit to an island resort it’s time to think about our biggest questions and priorities for 2013.

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Our 2012 Top 5s!

As you contemplate a change of work arrangements and lifestyle for 2013 we wanted to share our highlights from 2012- and help you decide if you think it’s really worth it or not!

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