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Is your lack of success your own fault?

Sound familiar?

Here are our top 10 reasons why you’re hitting your head against a brick wall:

  • 1. Too many great ideas, not enough focus

    OK, it’s great that you are creative. Now stop thinking about all those new things and get on with what you have already started!!

    Tip: Write that prize winning idea down, schedule it in your calendar to revisit it in a month or two and then file it in a ‘new ideas’ folder. Chances are that later some of the heat from that revolutionary idea will have dissipated. If not, you can give it some attention- but not until you have made some serious progress on your existing path.


  • 2. Trying to figure out the ONE THING you want to do

    There is so much angst around ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ It’s a fallacy to think that once you have hit on that ONE THING that this is all that you will have to do. Think struggling artist in their attic producing piles of work no one will ever see because they neglect to do all the marketing, research, finances, admin, relationship building, sourcing materials or suppliers, promoting, managing….etc that you have to do to make any activity profitable.

    Tip: Stop fixating on what you want to do because you might not even end up doing that much of it anyway! Here is the winning formula for deciding what to do:

    What you can do* + what they want = lucrative business

    *(You’ll notice ‘I want’ doesn’t come into the equation)


  • 3. Comparing yourself to others

    It’s hard to make progress when your mindset and energy are tangled up in how much better than you other people seem to be doing. Some of us are starting out, some are a bit further along, some are miles down the track. Wherever you are you can bet that you will always see someone in front of you – whether they are really ahead or you are simply about to lap them!

    Tip: Establish a level playing field and compare against yourself. Make a note of where you are today and review it in 6 and 12 months.


  • 4. Wanting it all NOW

    There will always be something we want. Whether it is a location independent lifestyle, to earn money on-line, to wander the globe in a nomadic fashion. Be patient. It will happen if you keep doing the right things.

    Tip: Don’t listen to those rubbish stories about making millions overnight. They are just there to agitate people into buying what they are offering- which will make them millions overnight!


    Why have we not got our house with the waterslide yet?!


  • 5. Quitting too early

    Just when it starts to feel really hard and you are wondering whether it’s even worth it is exactly the time you need to grit your teeth and get on with it.

    Tip: Ask anyone who is doing ok (in your eyes even if not their own) about the times they felt like quitting and what they did about it. Any themes?


  • 6. Doing plenty- but of all the wrong things

    Some people are so BUSY! They flit from one thing to another trying to do a bit of everything and not really finishing anything.

    Tip: Stop. Take some time off. If you aren’t making the progress you want doing the same things you have always been doing then something needs to change. You won’t see this from your headless chicken perspective. Breathe and look calmly. What needs to change? If you just aren’t seeing it by yourself- get help. There is plenty out there


  • 7. Not doing very much of anything

    I’m going to try not to climb into my personal soapbox now but this one REALLY gets me going! Wanting something to be different is the easy part. Even wanting it a HUGE amount is still a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter hard it is and how many obstacles there are in your way, if you want something you need to do something about it. Wanting is not an action.

    Tip: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Not sure what exactly to do? Send us an email.


    Stop looking at Facebook and get out of bed!


  • 8. Focusing on the wrong things

    Are you fixating on the colours of your website or making your eBook absolutely perfect? It can be comfortable hiding down there in the minutiae but I bet Richard Branson doesn’t fret about the exact shade of his flight crews’ uniforms.

    Tip: You can have the perfect e-book, a beautiful website and an avalanche of new facebook likes and still have not made it easy for people to buy what they want from you. Keep this at the front of your mind with any task you suspect is sucking up too much of your time.


  • 9. Hijacking

    Have you ever been making progress when suddenly you veer off track and start to work on something completely different? Or convince yourself that you are on the wrong path and change direction after months of effort are starting to pay off? Self-sabotage is weird, but not uncommon.

    Tip: If you WERE hijacking yourself, what might be your reasons, hypothetically? (Don’t worry if it comes down to daddy issues, it often does!)


  • 10. Forgetting that this is fun!

    Deciding what you can offer and finding ways of connecting that to all the people who need your help is inspiring, inventive and fulfilling. It is a lot of hard work but don’t make it a nightmare.

    Tip: Stop struggling so much

Which of these are you guilty off?


Remember to smile!


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7 Responses to “Is your lack of success your own fault?”

  1. Dare I admit that I’ve been guilty of every single one of the mistakes on your list, at some time over the past few years? Fortunately, I’ve seen the error of my past ways – and although I still find myself doing # 1 to 3 from time to time, and very occasionally #7, I’m glad to say that I’m on the road to recovery!! :-)
    Julia Barnickle recently posted..You Can Achieve Anything

    • Let’s just say I didn’t JUST get the material for that post from our coaching clients, there may have been some personal experience in there too! Glad you are in recovery- although I wouldn’t have thought number 7 was your problem- you always seem to be on the go!
      H x

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  2. Nice article guys, I also admit to most of those points. The common theme being distractions; trouble is, my job is full of them – advertising is distracting. Luckily I have seen the way… It’s a combination of goals, a powerful vision that invigorates me and anyone around me – the people around me being my support. I don’t have a partner, and family isn’t so close, so it’s crucial to find support in positive people, to keep me in check. Reminding yourself daily that even if you haven’t figured out what it is you want to do, at least by finding something to keep your interest, for the time being, will lead you somewhere you’d like to be. It’s a lot like the old travel saying – if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there! …You’ve just got to keep moving forward, a make quicker decisions.

    • hey Rory, nice to see you on here!
      i think you’ve hit the nail on the head there on who you surround yourself with- it’s made a huge difference to us too. And i like your attitude about doing SOMETHING- i know you are good at that. It drives me crazy when people WANT but won’t DO…don’t get me started again!
      Be great to meet up for another pint if you are in Bmth next time we are…or maybe it will be Spain?! H x

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  3. Perfect timing of this list, I have been guilty of the top few recently, and this post is a nice swift kick in the pants.
    Liz Froment recently posted..10 Caribbean Islands I want to Vacation on….Now

    • hey Liz, I was wondering how you were doing! Glad to take the role of chief nag/ ball breaker/ bossy boots if it helps!

      • Hannah and Chris
      • Reply
  4. When I saw the title “Is your lack of success your own fault?” I thought this should be a one word article:


    People love to put the blame “out there”. You are having only one experience and it is an “in here” experience. It’s all you, every bit of it. The sooner you get to peace with this immutable truth, the sooner you can do something about it. When you own it, you control it. When you blame externally, you give you power away and power is the one thing you need to stop your lack of success.
    Kenneth Vogt recently posted..It Turns Out You Are The Center Of The Universe After All


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